Supplements for Endurance: The Nutrients to Give You the Boost in Speed, Strength and Power

If you want the ideal body, you have to work for it. Period. Unless we make time for actually getting and staying in shape, we’d always have trouble having our weight in balance. When it comes to being fit, it’s not just about looking our best self, it’s also about feeling our best self and what better way to do so than by taking the steps of athletes. It’s important to know, same as getting in the habit of anything, it’s always difficult at the beginning so if you seriously want to invest in your optimal self, there’s no giving up when setting the new health regime.Supplements for Endurance Athletes

Along with finding the adequate exercises for start, it’s crucial that you stick to a healthy and well balanced diet to get the necessary nutrients to give you the strength to carry out this new habit. Of course, as you’d see over time, it’s not always that you can get all the nutrients through the diet alone, which is what supplements for endurance athletes are here for. Recreational athletes, same as professionals, require the help when it comes to getting the fuel needed to endure a workout. Not only would they be of assistance to you in keeping up with the new routine, but they’d also help you maximise your performance by performing at optimal levels, and significantly reduce the feeling of being burnt.

Since endurance sports put a strain on the muscles as well as the nervous system, it’s important to supply the body with muscular endurance and energy for a longer period, which is what supplements for endurance athletes do. Out of the wide range of supplements available, one might not always know how to make a choice, but you can always rely on the internet, coaches and doctors. When it comes to boosting speed, strength, and power, creatine is the one most recommend. Since it’s known to directly affect the increase of production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the nucleotide coenzyme responsible for intracellular energy transfer, it’s sure to increase the performance, so it’s advantageous in the increase of training efforts.

Same as with any other supplement, there’s a recommended daily dosage that has to be abided by, no more and no less, and in the case of creatine it’s 3 to 5 grams per day. Similarly, with up to 6 grams recommended per day, the BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) improve overall capacity in endurance workouts through minimising lactate acid build up and production. While these are ideal pre-workout supplements, if you want to provide the body with necessary nutrients to recover and repair muscles faster, make sure to implement post-training carbohydrates and proteins.

As previously mentioned, the nervous system is under pressure as well, which means you can’t have optimal physical performance if you don’t level it up with the mental performance for sustaining more endurance. When you include pre-workout supplements, you might want to give another one a try too, like the nootropic. It’s the supplement that’s known for improving cognitive function, which leads to better concentration, reduced stress and anxiety, and overall better learning capacity. Knowing you can rely on these additional sources of nutrition, the endurance workout doesn’t seem that challenging, does it?