Why You Should Convert to Led Lights


What if I told you there is a way to save money on your electricity bill while at the same time enhance your interior décor? Yes, you can actually enjoy a more comfortable home simply by replacing your old incandescent lightbulbs with led ones.

Thanks to their innovative technology, led lights typically use about 90% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs, so for example if you have a 50w bulb, you can replace it with a 5w led bulb. This is because when electricity passes through the filament in the traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, it produces an enormous amount of heat before producing any light. With led lights on the other hand this is not the case. As soon as electricity passes through the led bulb, light is given off, which means far less waste of energy. That’s how you get smaller electricity bills!

Besides, led lights don’t contain toxic elements like the rest of the traditional lights. It’s true that led alternatives such as CFL bulbs contain dangerous chemicals for the environment such as mercury or lead, but leds don’t, and that makes them completely safe for both residential and commercial use. Plus, they don’t give off potentially harmful radiation rays such as UV or IR that also have a negative effect on the environment.

You are still not convinced? Well, let me also add that if you want to buy led lights online, now is your chance to do that! In the last couple of years the online market has grown significantly and buying high-quality led lights became yet another perk of the internet. The greatest thing about led lights however is probably their diversity. If you want to buy led lights online you’ll find out that there is a huge variety of led fixtures and lights on the market.

For example, do you know you can go colorful with led lights? You can choose led lights and fixtures in red, blue, orange, pink and any other color you can imagine. Now I know that’s not really suitable for a home, but you can use them as accent lighting and bring some fun into your interiors. Also, led lights are perfect for the outdoors! You can go with downlights and uplights and decorate your backyard making it look like a real luxurious celebrity home only with the power of led lights.

It’s true led lights will cost you more than traditional lights, however with the rise of the competition their prices are steadily decreasing. But even though you’ll pay more money for leds initially, think about the future. They will last you very long, save you electricity money, they don’t harm the environment and most of all, they will look super stylish in your home or in your backyard.