10000 Reasons Album Review

Matt Redman’s 10000 Reasons music album is one of the most popular worship albums among followers of Christ. Even though his previous releases We Shall Not Be Shaken and Beautiful News are well known and often played on all radio stations, still are not as popular as 10000 Reasons album. Thanks to his inspiring and amazing songs, Matt Radmen has become as popular as famous modern worship songwriters like Maher, Tomlin, Hughes and Hall. He succeeded in creating meaningful worship music that enriches heart and soul. The words of each song are so powerful and glorify the greatness of God.

10000 reasons

What fans really like and appreciate in Matt Redman is the fact that he is consistent in the work he does. His songs are based on Christian and scriptural themes that worship God. Matt Redman’s music has always been simple and easy on the ear. And in his newest album he gives 10000 Reasons why we should love and praise God and never abandon Him. Even in the most difficult times, God is here to listen to our prays and lift us higher. God is here to help us, but our faith must be unconditional.

In the past modern worship songs were not accepted and were considered insignificant. Today these songs preach great theology that overflows the hearts of believers and motivates them to live life according to Gods will and never doubt his love. 10000 Reasons is an outstanding album that not only worships God but teaches us about the sacrifice his son did for us. The six songs of his album 10000 Reasons captured the hearts of all worship leaders that incorporate songs in their sermons.

Thanks to 10000 Reasons and outstanding songwriters like Redman, our faith is nurtured through singing and worshiping the ultimate power that exist in this world. These amazing worship songs help people overcome bad periods and strengthen their faith. The title track of the album 10000 Reasons is the real hit among Christian followers. When Matt’s friend and songwriter Myrin gave him the lyrics and the chords for this song, Matt automatically thought of Psalm 103: ”Bless the Lord” and created a hit which can be heard in churches and on radio stations. Simply said, the whole album moves and nourishes the Christian heart and spirit.