3 Reasons To Hire A 3PL Provider


A third party logistics provider, or a 3PL, is a company that provides outsourced logistic services for its clients. The 3PL providers are usually specialized in picking and packing operations, hand finishing operations, warehousing, direct mail marketing, transportation, mailing services, etc. Very often, the services provided by 3PL companies can include value-added elements which are related to the production and procurement process of products and services. There are many reasons why hire a 3PL provider such as maximizing profits through combined resources and knowledge. Here are few more reasons why hiring a 3PL provider can be beneficial for your business.

Save Money And Time – By utilizing the services of a 3PL provider, you can save money and have enough time to focus on your core business activities. You will not have to invest in a warehouse, technology, mailing services, transportation, hand finishing services, direct mail marketing and additional staff that will be responsible for the execution of the logistic services within your company. A third party logistics provider can help your company build a global logistic network with higher returns and lower risk, and can prevent you from making costly mistakes. By hiring a 3PL provider, there will be no more worries about billing, paperwork, staffing, training, audits and effective optimization within your company.

Flexibility And Scalability – Another reason why you should hire a 3PL provider is the opportunity to scale space, distribution and labor to best meet your needs. If you own a seasonable business and have up and down periods, 3PL provider will make the transition between the periods less stressful. A 3PL provider will allow your business to expand into new markets without barriers by providing professional direct mail marketing and mailing services. A well-equipped 3PL provider has more than one warehouse and distribution facility for prompt and safe shipping of your products anywhere in the world.

Expertise – A third party logistics provider understands the industry well, and always follows the latest technology trends. They use special software to monitor and report daily activities and to best execute all direct mail marketing and hand finishing services. The result is an excellent inventory management. The software also ensures the right quantity of your products is shipped according to your specifications. By hiring a 3PL provider, you can focus on achieving your business goals knowing your logistic needs are being handled by professional and reliable experts.

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