3 Valentine’s Day Gifts that are Packed With Love

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

cute couple on valentines day
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Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the third century, is the inspiration for Valentine’s Day. There are various stories about St. Valentine, and these stories evolved over time into the narrative we know today. Many Romans were converting to Christianity during Valentine’s lifetime, but Emperor Claudius II was a pagan who imposed tight rules on what Christians could and could not do.

Claudius believed that Roman soldiers should be entirely loyal to Rome, therefore he enacted legislation prohibiting them from marrying. St Valentine began marrying these soldiers in covert Christian ceremonies, and this is where his reputation for believing in the importance of love began.

Simple Ways to Express Your Love

Loving others allows you to open yourself up to another person, allowing you to uncover your inner capacity for true, unconditional love. Expressing your love and affection encourages others to do the same for you. What better way to demonstrate your dedication, commitment, and loyalty than by celebrating this beautiful day with thoughtful edible Valentine’s gifts?

Chocolate and Wine: A Timeless Gift

chocolate and wine as edible Valentines gifts
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If you are wooing a serious chocolate connoisseur, chocolate covered strawberries are romantic, and a beautiful way to show how much you care for them. Pick a hamper that is made from the best high-quality Belgian chocolate combined with delicious wine and you will leave a lasting impression (long after the chocolates are gone!).

You may also want to treat your single friends and surprise other loved ones (near you or internationally) by sending them edible Valentine’s gifts made to brighten the day. Complete with chocolate-covered cashews, chocolate truffles, and assorted cookies, this stunning arrangement makes a gift that’s impossible to resist. And who knows, they might even want to share it with you!

The simple smell of chocolate causes theta brain waves to rise, resulting in relaxation. A study conducted at Hasselt University throughout Belgium found that when the aroma of chocolate was dispersed in bookstores, book sales increased, particularly for romantic novels. Yes, chocolate evokes pleasure! Chocolate also includes tryptophan, which the brain needs to make serotonin, a hormone that induces euphoria. So, it has been confirmed, eating chocolate makes you happy!

Stay In: Romantic Dinner for Two

couple cooking Valentine's day dinner together
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If you have a special someone in your life, there are numerous exciting date ideas for the two of you. There is plenty of fun you can have with romantic dates within the comfort of your home. One example that comes to mind is preparing a romantic supper complete with candles. Who needs to make reservations at a pricey restaurant on Valentine’s Day when you could spend a cosy night at home.

You might want to step above your typical weekday supper and try some fancier dishes such as Lobster Mac and Cheese to Filet Mignon to Caprese Stuffed Chicken, which are not too difficult to create. And the whole fun might be you two figuring out the recipe, shopping for the ingredients and cooking together while listening to your favourite music!

A Romantic Getaway

couple on a picnic date on Valentines day
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It might sound like a huge thing to plan for just a few weeks left before the Holiday, but a romantic getaway is something you can bring to reality with just a little bit of organisational effort and lots of love. For example, book a trip to the nearest scenic view, pack a couple of chairs, a table, romantic decorations, and bring along your tasty edible Valentine’s gifts.

Pop the champagne, turn on the music and there you have your sweet romantic getaway plus a scenic view. It’s just you, your partner, and the tranquillity of the air, water, sand, forest and whatever environment you decide to bring the romance to.

Say goodbye to cell service and any other distractions that might draw your attention away from enjoying each other and the pleasure of being one, ahem, two with nature. It’s an experience that only a few people get to have in their lives. And it’s even more special when you’re with the person you care about.

Human Connection: The Greatest Gift of All

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When we connect with people, we are no longer preoccupied with past or future concerns. Gifting them with the perfect Valentines Day gifts is one way of establishing that connection. We are simply fully immersed in the moment and in the shared experience we are enjoying with another outside of our own self. Human connection works only when there is honesty. It doesn’t work if we try to be someone we’re not.

It often feels as if sharing fun times is the only way to connect with others. However, this is not the case. Establishing enough trust in someone who can share a painful memory or something you’re upset about may also be a really powerful way of connecting with them. Human connection is based on trust and mutual kindness. This can happen even between two strangers – for example, allowing someone to help you with your suitcase up a set of stairs shows you trust them.

So, why not utilize this holiday to show your love to everyone in your life? Buy a bunch of store flowers and mix and match them to make one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day present for your parents, best friend, or siblings. We never really know who needs that extra gesture of kindness and giving to others always gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling!