4 Most Essential Hunting Accessories

Hunting in the backcountry has become one of the favorite pastime activities for many Australians. However, many people end up disappointed after their first hunt, because it didn’t go quite as planned, and they didn’t catch anything. In order to avoid being one of those people, it’s important that you adequately prepare so you get the most satisfying experience possible.

When I talk about preparing for a hunt, I mean getting yourself equipped with all the right hunting gear that will help make your hunt a successful one. Granted, you can probably go hunting with just a gun and a few rounds, but unless you’re an extremely skilled hunter, you should probably consider helping yourself out with some gear.

There are a million different pieces of hunting gear and hunting accessories nowadays, so picking what you really need can be quite difficult, especially for beginners. For that very reason, I’ve compiled a list of a few essential hunting accessories  that will help you greatly, yet won’t break your budget.

Camouflage/Tactical Clothing


You don’t need to look like you’re going to war, but some camouflage gear can help you be less noticeable to most animals. Make sure the clothing you go for is durable, light and comfortable to wear in the type of weather you’re hunting in. Make sure the clothing has enough pockets for you to store all of the equipment you’ll need to reach for quickly, and that it has camo patterns that match the environment you hunt in. This can require some extensive research and careful planning.



A hunting knife is an absolute must-have for a couple of simple reasons. It can help you skin and prepare the catch you just shot down. Hunting knives come in a wide range of forms and shapes, but the best ones are fixed, full-tang models that are made of high-grade steel and feature an ergonomic handle. Ensure the knife is always sharp and properly stored in a sheath.

First Aid Kit


When out hunting, you’re left to your own devices. Whether you get a blister on your heel from wearing boots all day, accidentally cut yourself with a knife, or get in a fight with a sharp branch or a cactus, a small first aid kit can do wonders for preventing infection and sanitizing and bandaging a wound.



A rangefinder is a compact accessory that can help you make an ethical shot. You want your shots to be deadly. Even though hunting is considered inhumane by many around the world, you shouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire and should do it in the most ethical way possible. Know the distance your rifle is most effective at, and try making your shots at around that efficiency range.