5 Spicy Adult Toys to Crank Up the Pleasure in the Bedroom

Do you want to add some experimentation to your adult playtime? Feeling keen on trying out new things to make your partner go wild? For many of us, there’s a lot of pressure surrounding sex and its overall enjoyment. We’re so preoccupied with making the right moves and trying to please our partner that we often forget about its core purpose – just having fun and exploring our bodies.

And as is the case with any form of fun, having toys to play around with is a crucial part of the equation. Sure, some people find adult toys to be unnecessary accessories and that’s totally fine, but those of us who want to try them out know how valuable these little devices are in increasing our pleasure levels. They’re a form of self-expression – the tools we need to let our imagination run wild and enter tantalizing uncharted terrain for the parties involved.

What Are the Most Popular Sex Toys?

Now, personal preference and what you feel comfortable using are the key factors in determining which sex toys you want to use. What works for you may not work so well with others, so it’s important to discuss these boundaries with the people you decide to engage in horizontal de-stressing with so that everyone involved is on the same page. In any case, certain toys have proven to be quite the charm for sex-positive individuals, including:

Strap-On Dildos

Kicking off the list is a two-part strap on dildo which consists of a harness that attaches to your crotch and goes around the waist and the dildo itself. The idea behind this design is a hands-free operation – using the dildo in an intercourse-type way without the need for your hands. You can use the adjustable hip straps to customise the length and tightness of the device and ensure a comfortable fit.

Putting on strap-ons is quite similar to using regular underwear – simply pull the harness up your legs and position it around the crotch. Given the thrusting motions that are involved, whether you’re using the strap on dildo for penetrative, oral or any other form of intercourse, you need to make sure that the straps aren’t wobbly or loose. It should be a snug fit but not too tight so that it restricts your movement or prevents proper circulation in the area.

strap on dildo for adults
source: insider.com

The dildo itself is generally made from non-porous silicone, which means it’s super easy to clean and take care of when you’re done. And the outer design closely resembles an actual penis, with some models even featuring different textures and veins along the sides for a more realistic experience. Some versions even feature colourful surfaces, with numerous aesthetically pleasing features that could make the whole thing even more enjoyable for visual enthusiasts.

If you’re just getting the hang of strap ons, you might want to start off with a smaller dildo and work your way up from there. And if you’re using it with multiple partners or switching through different forms of intercourse, make sure you properly sanitise the device to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Rabbit Vibrators

Moving on to what is essentially a vibrating version of a dildo, these devices feature two protruding stimulators – a phallic shaft for vaginal penetration and a smaller one for clitoral stimulation. This is a particularly convenient design because it allows you to give equal attention to these two highly sensitive areas of the female body.

And since an astounding 75% of women are unable to reach their climax through penetration only and require additional stimulation of the clitoris, this is definitely a smart investment for those looking to secure the big O, either for themselves or their partner.

There are different vibration modes too, ranging from milder frequencies and slower pace to something swifter and more action-packed. Try them all out to help you find the optimal pace, and once you do, it’ll be super easy to tumble over the edge whenever you feel like it.

Vibrating Panties

This might seem like a very unusual no-hands option but they hold the power to transform your regular underwear into vibrating devices that help you reach your climax in no time. Most of them can be controlled through a remote or a dedicated smartphone app, allowing you more freedom to customise the vibration frequency and pace.

vibrating panties for leveling up pleasure
source: cupidslight.com

You can even wear them out in public and tease your partner to increase sexual tension and build anticipation for the big event. All of this can make the whole experience more enjoyable for both parties involved.

Penis Rings

These are exactly what they sound like – rings that go over the shaft and are normally placed at the base of the penis. What they do is partially cut off circulation to make individuals with penises last longer during intercourse. Since erections are basically a build-up of blood, cutting off the supply to a certain degree essentially delays ejaculation and can make sexual intercourse much longer and more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

Now the tricky thing is getting the size right. Naturally, the ring should feel smaller as you get more erect but it shouldn’t completely disrupt blood flow in the area. Apply some lubricant to the rings before sliding them across your shaft to avoid irritation.

Kegel Balls

For all the ladies who want to strengthen their pelvic muscles and increase their sex drive, kegel balls are exactly what you need to pull it off. These are tiny weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina as a means to increase sexual pleasure and train pelvic muscle contractions.

These usually come in pairs, or more tied together with a string, making insertion much easier. Some people use the string to move the balls in and out of the vaginal opening as a sex toy whereas others leave them in and contract their pelvic muscles as a form of exercise.

The idea behind the latter is that when intercourse with a partner happens, you’ll be able to contract your muscles around the penis in a stronger manner, increasing sensation and boosting overall pleasure.