5 Nursery Essentials You Can’t Do Without

Planning your baby’s nursery can be quite an overwhelming task. There are so many things to get when preparing for your newborn’s arrival. Aside from all the baby essentials like diapers, onesies, bottles and creams, there are a few nursery items that can help every new parent.

Nursery Night Light

Nursery Night Light
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When designing your baby nursery, make sure that it has a pleasant ambience. To achieve that, pay attention to the colours you incorporate, choose a whimsical wallpaper that both you and your baby will love, and of course, bear in mind the lighting in the room.
When it comes to creating pleasant illumination, it’s recommended to get a multifunctional nursery nightlight. From acting as decorative pieces to soothing your little one at night, baby night lights are the perfect addition to any nursery.
When the baby arrives, they won’t be afraid of the dark for another year at least (or maybe they never will), which means that the mood lighting in the nursery isn’t for their sake just yet. However, you will check up on your little one a couple of times throughout the night and you want to be able to clearly see whether they are sleeping or not.
So, instead of turning on a bright overhead light, you can use the nursery nightlight when feeding and changing your little one, keeping the lighting low and soothing. It will prevent you or your partner from stubbing your toes when you stumble in at 3 a.m. for a feeding. Also, the night-light’s mellow glow will help your baby learn to distinguish between day and night.
There are different models of baby nightlights. You will find many cute companions that have a soft glowing night light in their belly which are ideal for children who fear the dark or just need a helping hand to soothe themselves to sleep. Also, there are nightlights with dual-parent (provide baby-safe glow to feed, comfort and change the baby throughout the night) and child modes (help promote sleep and provide a comforting light for your little one’s night bathroom trips as they grow up). Some nightlights come with a room temperature sensing dock and many other useful features.

Nursery Feeding Chair

Nursery Chair

Feeding your baby is one of the most precious moments of your motherhood. But it can also take a long time in some cases, and you will be almost completely immobile while doing it. For this reason, every mom needs a comfortable nursery feeding chair to sit in while feeding her baby. This chair will ensure that both you and your baby feel good during your bonding time.
Bearing in mind that babies can vary a lot in the time they need to get full, the whole feeding process is much easier if the mom can get herself into a well-supported and comfortable position. Most new mommies struggle with back pain during pregnancy and beyond. This chair can support their back and ensure optimal comfort. There won’t be additional pressure from bad posture during feeds. Plus, it is ideal for swollen feet as it usually has a footstool included. This is important because many moms experience swollen feet during pregnancy, but with this chair, they will have the opportunity to put their feet up.
Another positive thing about having a nursery feeding chair is that it’s very probable that your baby will quickly associate a feed in the calm surroundings of the nursery with bedtime, since babies in general, respond well to routines. Hence, having a nursery chair to sit in whilst feeding helps to establish an evening routine in the very early days.
What is the best chair for a nursery? – you may ask. It’s highly recommended to go for a rocking nursery chair. Babies are soothed by the rocking motion, so these chairs are a pretty comfortable spot for breastfeeding. This chair can help to calm even the most fractious of babies and is very often part of getting little ones to sleep.

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor
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New parents may find it hard to rest in a separate room from their little one. That’s when baby monitors come in handy. They allow parents to be in constant visual and audio contact with their baby. This is why baby monitors are some of the top essentials for most parents. There are some traditional audio-only baby monitors which are sufficient for many parents, but others prefer to have video monitors so that they can see and hear their baby throughout the day and night.

Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles help to soothe new babies to sleep and entertain them when they wake up, which is why they have long been a baby nursery fundamental. While some crib bedding sets come with matching mobiles, there is a diverse range of baby mobiles on the market that can be purchased separately with varying features as well. These mobiles include a music feature and various moving figurines. In addition, some baby mobiles also have mirrors, lights, and calming nature sounds.

Storage Basket

Storage Basket
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A big storage basket on the floor next to the crib of your baby is a cute piece of decor, but in fact, it is much more than that. Having such a basket is great for housing some extra blankets, burp cloths, or toys. This way, you (as a parent) will also have easy access, especially when you’re cradling the baby in your arms and you only have one hand to rummage for a burp cloth or binky. In fact, you can have a few – outfits into one basket, blankets in another, toys into a third, and so on. Ensure that you position them where you’ll need them most.