5 Things That Are Hurting Your Smile

Wonder why your teeth lose that white color over time even though you do everything to keep them bright. You brush, clean, floss, and visit your dentist in Melbourne regularly, but are still not satisfied with your smile. Then, it’s time to consider what you are chewing.

What you eat matters. Most people think that only sweets damage teeth, but what about other foods we consume? You’d be surprised to find out that some of your favorite ”healthy” foods actually cause enough damage to cause extra visits to your dentist Melbourne. If you want to get rid of the bad breath and yellowish teeth, then you must avoid or at least minimize the consumption of the following foods that can hurt your smile.

Laughing woman smile with great teeth.

Dark Liquids – Are you a fan of coffee, tea, coke or wine? Then you must be aware of the fact that all of these can damage your teeth. Colored liquids cause intrinsic staining on the teeth over time which is hard to remove because the dark liquid enters the enamel and causes discoloration of the dentin. The only way to get rid of the yellowish colour and make teeth white is to visit your dentist Melbourne for a professional cleaning and whitening treatments.

Onion And Garlic – Most of us try to avoid this bad breath duo, but it’s hard to do that when they are used as flavour-enhancing ingredients. The good new is that the damage is greater when you eat them raw. Onion and garlic not only give you stinky breath, but also hurt your bright smile.

Anything With Seeds We all love eating snacks with poppy or sesame seeds, but unfortunately these foods are hard to remove. As funny as it might seem, seeds are one of the main culprits that contribute to the wear and tear of teeth. Because the seeds are tiny they easily find lodging in every tooth making brushing harder. Imagine how funny you’d look if you fail to clean the seeds from your front teeth.

Starchy Foods – Foods like potato chips and white bread can easily damage your teeth. How’s that. Well, these foods get trapped in your teeth and are hard to remove. If not properly brushed, these foods will feed the bacteria and cause plague. Therefore, it is important to go for regular checks in a reputable dentist Melbourne clinic to protect your beautiful white smile.

Red Meat – Meat lovers find this hard to believe, but it’s true – red meat is hurting your smile. When you eat red meat, small pieces get stuck between the teeth. And if you combined with some sugary BBQ sauce, you’ve got the winning recipe for cavities. If you want to keep your pearly white smile avoid eating red meat and regularly visit your dentist.