7 Tennis Gadgets and Accessories Guaranteed to Upgrade Your Game

If you play tennis, you’ve definitely noticed that there are more and more technologies available for your sport. From advanced sensors that monitor how you play and let you debrief your techniques to small smiley face thingies, you attach to the strings to reduce vibration. What about boosting your tennis practice right away with a cutting-edge tennis accessory and getting ready to show off your game? To assist you in practising and improving as a tennis player, I’ve compiled a list of X cool tennis devices and equipment.

Ball Speed Radar

ball speed radar

Source: alge-timing.com

We all want to know how the swing affects the ball because strengthening your swing is essential to performing good shots, and if it’s optimal for learning how to hit the ball. From there the player can adjust and further improve their skills.

You can attach it to a tripod or the fencing surrounding the local court in your park, or have someone hold it up like a copper while firing a speed gun. It is shaped like an old Nokia 3310 and has a range that is more than adequate for your enthusiastic beginner shots, precisely recording service speeds between 40 and 200 km per hour.

Serve Training Tool

For adults and older children of all skill levels, a serve and swing trainer can be very beneficial. Players will practise a better professional whip-like feel to the serve because they will feel the proper weight and drag of the weighted end. The user gets the feeling of receiving a genuine flat, smooth, kick, and topspin serve.

For use in training younger children and teenagers, it is also available in smaller and more appropriate sizes. The tool is portable and should be with you at all times when you train. Use it on the beach, backyard or in the garage.

Elbow Shock Absorber

tennis elbow shock absorber

Source: tenniscompanion.org

An elbow shock absorber was originally developed to prevent and cure tennis elbow. Regular use eliminates not only all signs and symptoms of tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), but also those of golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis), carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder disorders. The best tennis elbow and golfers’ elbow protection method is preventing any injury before it even happens with the right tennis accessories.

When you play tennis or golf, hammer a nail, or even type on a keyboard, sudden hits generate dangerous vibrations that an elbow shock absorber will absorb. Vibration is absorbed by a high-density liquid formula at the wrist before it reaches the delicate tendons in the elbow and carpal region. This liquid forms a counter-wave buffer when subjected to repetitive stress or movement, reducing the damaging effects on tendons.

Tennis Ball Dryer and Drink Cooler

Tennis balls lose their efficiency and bounce when they are damp. So keeping them dry is a good idea. It’s wonderful to have one of these tools in the unfortunate event that your tennis balls have been wet after playing in the rain. Some also refer to it as the best tennis gadget of the year and the ideal present for players who have everything.

A three-layer drying mechanism will quickly remove the water, and four damp balls can fit inside at once. It costs less money than continuously purchasing new balls. The item itself is wonderful for carrying tennis balls, and you can also use it to keep your drink bottle cool while you play.

Tennis Ball Machine

tennis ball machine

Source: manofmany.com

Okay, I’ll agree that this device is pricey. Furthermore, it is larger than most tennis accessories such as ball baskets. However, how great would it be to have a portable tennis ball machine that dispenses balls at various speeds and trajectories, much like in a genuine match? It’s the ideal training device for anyone who is pursuing tennis seriously and passionately!

Typically these machines can hurl 150 balls every 2–12 seconds, which is enough to exhaust even the most experienced coach. It can hurl 150 balls every 2–12 seconds, which is enough to exhaust even the most experienced coach. Rechargeable batteries in the device have an 8-hour battery life.

I would unquestionably suggest getting a quality Tennis Ball Machine if you have an excess of cash to spend and own a tennis court.

Tennis Racket with Sensor

Why affix a sensor to your racket when you can buy a shiny new one with all the essential tennis-tracking tech built in? To do this, renowned racket manufacturer Babolat created the Play Pure Drive V2, a lightweight, colourful graphite product priced at $300 that is more intelligent than both your watch and phone together.

The V2 allows you to transfer your performance to your smartphone and tracks everything from the number of shots played to the type of shots played (forehand, backhand, or lob).

Your first- and second-serve percentages, shot power, contact points, and spin can all be recorded by the racket. Even better, you can mark shots and rallies using a button at the handle’s base for simpler post-knockabout analysis.

Tennis Court Sweep

turf sweep

Source: tennisdirect.com.au

So, this may not be a gadget or device to directly help you with your tennis skills, but when it comes to practice having the best possible working conditions matters too.

A clean sweep of your tennis court can assist gather and removing leaves, pine needles, stones, ball fuzz, and other dirt that has accumulated there. It simultaneously cleans the court like a drag brush. It is easy to use and requires little maintenance because it is made of high-quality, long-lasting PVC and aluminium.

I would suggest taking a closer look at pressure washer surface cleansers as well to significantly accelerate the tennis court cleaning process. A pressure washer attachment known as a surface cleaner has a spinning bar with numerous nozzles.