A Backyard Adventure For The Whole Family

According to psychologists, kids who spend more time with their parents are happier than thos who don’t. Kids should be able to develop a strong and sincere bond with their parents and most importantly, they should feel safe and protected around them. That’s why families who have mutual activities such as sports, visiting the museum or going to the cinema, are healthier, happier and more open-minded.


It’s of a paramount importance that every family has their own comfort zone where everyone will participate in many activities without feeling anxious or bored while doing so. Different families choose different activities, so some go hiking, others travel for the weekends and some simply stay at home and watch movies, but the important thing is – everyone is happy, satisfied and relaxed.

One of the most exciting and fun activities for the whole family is definitely going to the beach, but what happens if the beach is far from home and you can’t go there everyday because you’re busy with work and school? – You think of a way how to bring the endless summer adventure in your backyard of course. Didn’t it pop in your mind yet? Yep, I’m talking about a swimming pool!

Backyard swimming pools are always a great place to kill boredom and spend lazy Sunday afternoons with the family, however, even though they’re a life-long investment, we all know that pools can be hilariously expensive. That’s why the above ground Bestway pools Australia loves so much became such a huge international hit in the last few years.

Above ground pools are the perfect practical and cheap substitute for the glamorous in ground pools that will give a true essence of enjoyment and a relaxing summer vacation for the whole family. Also, with a pool in the yard your kids will learn to swim at a very early age and you won’t have to worry that a jellyfish or some other fish will harm and scare your little one away.

If you’re in for a backyard summer craze, look for the coolest Bestway pools Australia wide and surprise your family with a special gift, because there’s nothing to look forward to that’s more special and fun than a new swimming pool in the garden. And what’s more fun than splashing in the pool or playing a snorkeling game with the whole family? Pools open up so many new avenues of fun, plus they are a magnificent magnet that attract the whole family, no matter how big, to come together, bond and simply put – have a whale of time.