A Comprehensive Guide to Caravan Accessories

Nowadays, even more than ever, camping is a popular vacation alternative compared to going to the beach or spending time at a ski resort up on the mountain. A growing number of people of all ages, particularly families, are opting for such adventures also because caravanning vacation eliminates costly flights and hotels, allowing you to save money on family vacations.

When renting a caravan you’ll typically find it equipped with the essentials for a weekend getaway, but there are numerous caravan and outdoor accessories you can purchase from a caravan accessory store that can make your life on the road easier, whether you’re staying in one occasionally or as a long-term housing solution.

1. Rearview Mirrors

Rearview Mirror
Source: awardrv.com.au

Towing mirrors are required by law when towing a caravan; without them, you can be fined and receive penalty points on your licence. If you crash without towing mirrors, your insurance could be voided, making towing mirrors an absolute necessity when shopping at a caravan accessory store. You must be able to see twenty metres behind your caravan and four metres on either side; however, once the caravan is positioned, you must remove the mirrors.

2. Awnings

A caravan awning is an ideal accessory for vacations and weekend getaways. An awning is essentially a shelter that connects to the side of your caravan; it provides additional floor space to remove muddy or wet clothing before entering your caravan. An awning is essential because it provides additional space and is available in a variety of designs that are each packed with useful features.

A full-size awning is large enough to relax in, as well as providing protection from the sun and strong winds. Some awnings include zip-in annexes that provide additional sleeping space for friends and family. There is sufficient space under an awning for beds, seats, tables, storage, and general relaxation.

3. Wheel Lock

As a type of anti-theft device, hitch or wheel locks prevent the theft of your caravan, whether or not it is attached to your vehicle. Covering the hitch, the hitch lock makes theft nearly impossible. When implemented in conjunction with a hitch lock, a wheel lock adds an additional layer of protection to your caravan by acting as a highly visible deterrent.

4. Caravan Step

If you purchase a used or pre-owned caravan, you may not be so fortunate. Caravan steps are just as significant as some of the other items on this list, so even though it’s a small investment, it’s certainly worthwhile. Some stairways are more costly than others, while others can be anchored into the ground for added security.

5. Motorhome Transporter

Caravan motor movers have transformed caravanning, making it more accessible to the general public. Whether you’re new to caravanning or don’t have sufficient space for easy controllability, a caravan motor mover can enable you to get on the road and set up quickly. The motor mover operates by being attached to the chassis of the caravan, which is connected to rollers attached to the caravan’s wheels, which can propel the car in any direction. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who is new to caravanning.

6. Jack Pads

Caravan Jack Pads
Source: brinly.com

Jack Pads, also known as Camel’s Feet, are used as a stabiliser for caravans on grass, gravel, and other soft surfaces. Jack Pads are designed to attach to the corner stabilisers of your caravan, thereby enhancing its stability. They are typically long-lasting, weatherproof, and adaptable, as well as simple to instal. Depending on the price, they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Jack Pads are necessary for maintaining your caravan’s stability and ensuring that your mobile home is parked securely.

7. BBQ or Camping Stove

Barbecues or camping stoves are a convenient and inexpensive way to eat when in the great outdoors. Cooking for a family in a caravan’s small kitchen can be a challenge; as a result, most caravanners prefer to use a grill. Depending on their quality, grills can also be used as frying pans.

As an alternative to disposable or charcoal grills, some caravans have a gas grill connection. Alternatively, you can bring your own smaller gas bottle solely devoted to your grill. There can be many health and safety concerns regarding BBQs and open flames at campsites, so be sure to check the campsite’s website or ask for advice on the safest way to start your grill.

8. Bike Racks

Bike racks or cycle carriers are excellent travel accessories for bike enthusiasts, allowing them to bring their bikes with them wherever they go. There are bike racks available for attachment to a variety of locations on a car or caravan. Some caravans are designed with a bike rack in mind, allowing you to purchase a carrier to attach to the front or rear of the caravan rather than your car. You may also instal a bike rack on the roof of your vehicle.

9. Upgraded Aerial

Depending on where you park your caravan, the TV aerial may not receive a strong enough signal; therefore, it is best to have a moveable, extendable aerial that seeks out a stronger signal. The most effective way to receive digital TV signals is by using a directional aerial, similar to what you would have at home. A directional aerial should be positioned as high as possible. A specialised pole that can be extended for a stronger signal and collapsed for compact storage can be connected to the caravan.

10. Towbar

Before hitting the road, you must ensure that your towbar is installed and ready. This tool is favoured by those who tow heavy vehicles and caravans over long distances. And that’s because a variety of partner accessories are available to enhance the towing experience, such as pin-type towballs, bumper protectors, and drop plates to adjust the height of the tow bar.

A weight distribution system is another essential for your road trip if you plan to tow a trailer or camper. Consider that when you are towing something as heavy as a trailer or caravan, the weight will be distributed in an extremely uneven manner. Add to that the uneven transitions of Australia’s roads and off-road, and if you’re not careful, you might find yourself hanging off a cliff.

So, if you’re ready to hit the road, make sure you cross off your list of essentials and enjoy the adventure!