A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Tennis Bags

Playing tennis involves carrying around your equipment and essentials that are fundamental for your success on the court. Whether you’re a tennis enthusiast or a professional player, you need a bag to store your racquets and personal belongings during the match. It should be practical and functional, easy to carry, and most importantly, provide optimal storage for your equipment. 

Several factors will influence the type of bag you choose. Also, there are various tennis bags in terms of size, so depending on your level of play, you can decide which size you need. Here is what else you need to know.  

How To Choose Your Tennis Bag?

Yonex Pro Racquet 12R Bag - Cobalt Blue
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Some folks tend to pack their equipment in a regular backpack. However, a standard backpack does not offer the same benefits as a bag designed for tennis equipment. The design of tennis bags ensures that your equipment stays protected while carrying it around, and does not strain your back and shoulders by adding unnecessary weight. 

Choose a Bag According to Your Needs

The level of play will highly influence the choice of your tennis bag. Are you a casual or competitive player? For instance, casual players typically need to carry only a couple of racquets and some extra gear, and do not require ample storage solution. Whereas, professional players usually carry extra tennis training equipment such as multiple racquets, extra shoes, clothes and other accessories. 

This automatically suggests that they require something more spacious and with some extra features for improved functionality. Another factor that influences the choice of bags is how often you play and how frequently you travel for tournaments. Additionally, do you prefer a bag that you can put over your shoulder, or one you can carry as a backpack? Assessing your needs is the first step in determining what tennis racquet bag will best suit you.

Organisational Features

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15R Bag White - 2023
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The next thing to pay attention to is the organisational features of the tennis bag. This is an indication of how the bag can cater to your needs. Check if there are multiple compartments and pockets for accommodating various parts of the tennis equipment and accessories. Being able to organise your shoes and clothes separately from the racquets and water bottles is of immense help. 

Also, some bags have extra features such as ventilated sections to prevent odour and moisture buildup. This feature is extremely helpful when you’re playing for long hours during hot summer days and you need a compartment to store your sweaty clothes and shoes. Additionally, consider bags that have padded sections and straps for comfort and convenience.   

Number of Tennis Rackets 

This brings us back to the first step of the selection process. The number of racquets will determine the size of the tennis racket bag. If you’re participating in double matches or you typically play with multiple racquets, opt for a larger-size tennis bag. 

These practical bags come in various sizes and are specifically designed to hold different numbers of racquets. The number of racquets that the bag can accommodate starts from 3 and extends to 6, 9, 12 and more. As you can see, there is basically a bag for everyone’s needs. 

The higher the number of racquets they can store, the higher the number of functional features. For instance, tennis racket bags that can hold up to 12 racquets or more, are loaded with multiple pockets and several compartments. As such, they produce efficient organisation and quick access to various parts of your equipment. They also often feature ventilated pockets for your shoes and wet gear. Some are versatile and can be worn as a backpack or over the shoulder. 

Materials and Thermal Insulation

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Playing under the open sky implies being exposed to various weather conditions which can vary from cold to hot. In these instances, it would be of great help to have a bag made from water-resistant materials or bags with thermal insulation. The thermal insulation regulates the temperature in the bag and serves to protect your racquets from extreme temperatures. Additionally, it helps to keep your snacks and drinks cold during the heat or keep them warm during cold temperatures.   

Consider the Type of the Bag

Babolat Pure Aero 12 Racquet Bag 2023
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Now, this is more about your personal preference. Both bags have their advantages, you just need to find what works for you. 


Many tennis players prefer the convenience of backpacks as they offer a hands-free way to carry their equipment. Tennis backpacks are typically designed with padded shoulder straps for comfort and feature multiple compartments for storing clothing and gear. Many of the backpacks also have a separate pocket for keeping your shoes, and a space for your water bottle. They are a lightweight and compact solution for storing your tennis gear. 

Duffle Bags

Players who typically carry a lot of gear and travel frequently may benefit from the spacious storage that duffle bags offer. A duffle bag can accommodate multiple racquets, shoes, clothes and other belongings. They come with detachable shoulder straps so you can easily adjust them to your preference. 

What’s more, there are also eco-friendly duffle bags made from recycled materials such as PET bottles and recycled paper. These bags are great options for those players who have embraced a sustainable lifestyle and want to contribute to the planet’s wellbeing.