A Foolproof Guide to Selecting Trees at a Nursery

There are many things you need to know when it comes to choosing the best trees at a Melbourne nursery. There are a few steps and tips you can use when you decide to invest in a tree to make sure you are getting what you paid for. So many people make the mistake of just choosing any tree they find only to have complications later that result in the tree dying instead of blossoming. If you want to know how to select the right trees at a Melbourne nursery without wasting money or time then keep reading to find out more.

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Inspect The Leaves


Leaves are a great give away at just how healthy a tree is overall. This, of course, requires the tree to have leafed so this might not be great for trees that haven’t already. Leaves should appear healthy and should not be smaller than what they are supposed to be. Leaves that are falling off are also not a good sign. You want to make sure that there is no trace of pests which you can usually find at the bottom of the leaf.


Avoid Pot Bound Trees


This is something that happens when a tree is left in its container too long. For you to be able to tell if this has happen you should look closely for roots growing out of the draining holes, roots at the surface of the soil that have started growing upwards, any rot that has grown to the end of the container or the outside edges, and any weeds or moss that have started growing in the soil. These are all signs that the tree has become pot bound and has been in its pot too long.


Make Sure It’s Still Growing!


This is something that people think never happens, but it happens all too often. This is not the fault of the nursery or its staff seeing as there are so many trees and plants it can be quite difficult to tell that a tree has stopped growing until it’s too late. You should look for green shoots coming out of the tips and branches or any new buds depending on the type of tree you are looking at. The best time to be able to tell is in the spring so this is also the best time to go shopping for trees.


Examine For Potential Problems


Last but not least, if you have followed the other steps the last thing you should do is examine for any potential problems. This could mean anything from the tree having more than one trunk; it could also mean any damage to the trunk or larger stems. You shouldn’t worry about twigs so much because you can easily remove them when you begin to prune your tree of choice.