A Guide to Choosing Safe and Effective Animal Deterrents

Australia is full of critters and vermin that can be a nuisance, especially if you live in a suburb or a more remote area. For that reason, many people are looking for different ways to keep pests and critters away from their property in order to prevent damage and inconvenience. One of the most popular methods to accomplish that is with the use of an electronic animal deterrent. These deterrents are separated into three types, based on where they’re intended to be used – outdoor, indoor or in vehicles.

Outdoor animal deterrents are affordable and safe to use around kids and pets. However, some models can also repel beneficial insects from your yard, which can be a downside. Indoor models, on the other hand, require more consideration and you should always look to buy the best possible product. In order to do so, you should read trusted reviews related to the topic. Lastly, vehicle deterrents are an effective way of repelling a large range of pests.

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A reliable and quality electronic animal deterrent can prevent a rodent infestation before it even starts. As aforementioned, you can use them around your family and pets as they don’t contain harmful chemicals, and they won’t bother anyone but the animals you’re trying to keep away from your home. Of course, you’ll need to place the devices strategically around the areas you want to prevent pests and rodents from going in. This means that you should avoid placing them behind furniture or walls so that the sound waves don’t get blocked. That being said, if you need these devices inside your home, you should place a unit in every infested room or entryway.

There are animal deterrents that also work on birds. Some use anionic, while others use ultrasound or electromagnetic technology. All of these repellents don’t feature any chemicals and other types of hazards. If you’re battling a severe infestation of pests or rodents, you should use electronic animal deterrents in combination with traps and baits. By combining different methods, you can speed up the process of getting rid of the problem. The animal deterrent device itself should last you for a few years. All you have to do is replace the battery every now and then.

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When buying such a product, your first reference should be the quality of the brand that makes it. There are a few reputable brands with a history of producing quality animal deterrent products, such as Num’axes, Loraffe, Brison, and others. Do your due diligence in order to ensure you get something that lasts and is suitable for the conditions you’re going to use it in. In other words, if you’re buying an outdoor product, you want it to be resistant to the elements and have a wider working range. There are devices that work within a 10-metre range, while others work up to 30 metres or more.

Next, you have to consider the price. While most of us are willing to pay whatever the price is to keep our property pest- and rodent-free, many of us have different needs, and some of us don’t need a lifetime’s supply of animal deterrent. So in order to avoid spending more than you should, consider how serious the problem is, and what you’re willing to pay to solve it. And of course, you should read as many reviews as you can. It’s a reliable source of information from people who have used the products you’re considering. You’ll get to understand how to use it, how effective it is, and how easy it is to use.

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If you aren’t sold on electronic deterrents, you can choose one that works using another method, such as chemicals. Chemical repellents have been used for quite a while, and they’re commonly available in granule and spray styles. Chemical repellents contain substances like sulphur, naphthalene, etc. depending on what they’re meant for. Even though these chemicals are harmful, there are some products that feature natural ingredients such as peppermint, cinnamon or caster oil. Some of these ingredients give an unusual smell that causes no harm but repels rodents and pests.

That being said, choosing the right animal repellent for your application takes a lot of careful consideration. You’ll find a large range of products online that target specific animals, and some that are more universal. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with the deterrent, your needs will vary. At the end of the day, the most important factors to take into account is the safety, quality and ease of use. You don’t want a product that will harm your kids or your pets when they come in contact with it. As far as quality and ease of use go, your best way is to read online reviews from people who have used the product. There’s no other way around it, especially if you want to avoid going through a fair amount of trial and error yourself.