A Guide to Roof Racks: Benefits and What to Look for When Buying One

If you’re looking to take your Amarok or Tiguan on a trip around the outback, you’ll probably want to make sure you have everything you need to last at least a few days. While both the Tiguan and Amarok are spacious vehicles, fitting all of the items and equipment you need in them can be a hassle, especially if you’re not travelling alone. Storing items inside the cabin is a viable option, but not a safe one, especially if those items are sharp and have lots of pointy parts. For that reason, lots of people decide to install roof racks. Roof racks are invaluable accessories that make your vehicle much more versatile, safer and more comfortable to ride in when hauling lots of equipment. You can buy VW accessories online or in local dealerships suitable for your model and make.

The Benefits of Roof Racks

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Maximising Storage Space

The number one reason why people install roof racks on their vehicles is to improve the storage capacity. Roof racks allow you to safely and securely store everything you need for your next camping trip, including kayaks, skis, fishing equipment, camping gear, surfboards, etc. All you have to do is choose the right system that fits your vehicle’s roof setup. Most of the time, the installation will be rather straightforward, but this will depend on how much mounting hardware you’ll need to deal with, and what type of mounting hardware you’ll decide to go for.

Improve Versatility

Unless you have a pickup or double cabin vehicle, your storage options are relatively limited. There are things you simply cannot bring along for the trip, no matter how much you bend and squeeze them. With roof racks, however, you’ll be able to transport those irregularly-shaped and heavy items and equipment.

Improved Appearance

Of course, this comes down to personal preference, but typically, a vehicle like the Amarok or Tiguan will look better with a roof rack on it. Especially if you surround yourself with other off-road enthusiasts who appreciate the sheer capability of off-road vehicles. You can go with a bare roof rack if you like simplicity, or get a cargo box for a sleeker and glossier appearance. The good thing about most roof rack systems is that you can remove them whenever you want.

Mounting Extra Accessories

Having adequate lighting when off-roading is crucial for your safety and the safety of everyone around you. And most of the time, your vehicle’s headlights won’t provide enough illumination, which is why it’s important to incorporate additional driving lights such as light bars, fog lights, spotlights or floodlights. The right roof rack will serve as a great mounting platform for your auxiliary driving lights. You won’t have to drill any holes to mount them, but just clamp them up on the roof rack.

Additionally, you can place your rooftop tent on top of the roof rack. They open up a variety of options, as long as you make sure you buy a roof rack that’s durable enough to withstand the weight of the tent and everything and everyone that’s going in it.

What to Look for In Roof Racks

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Low Weight

Durable is good, heavy is not. There are many roof racks made of heavy materials such as steel. These are ones you should avoid, unless you’re confident your vehicle’s roof can withstand the weight. However, keep in mind that you have to account for the weight of everything else you’ll place on top of the roof rack as well. This is why most people go for aluminium roof racks, as they’re relatively lightweight, yet still durable.

Low Profile

Regardless of what type of roof rack you install and what you place on it, it will negatively impact fuel economy and noise. This is best mitigated by installing a low profile roof rack. Besides keeping noise and fuel consumption to a minimum, low profile roof racks make it easier to load and unload equipment, park in garages and create less drag.


When you buy VW accessories, you want to make sure they’re accompanied by a warranty. The warranty basically ensures you get a product of decent quality whose manufacturer stands behind. Stick with well-known brands who have been around for a while and offer live customer service. Avoid poorly made rip-offs from no-name oversea manufacturers.


Everything you store on the roof rack should be secured properly to prevent injuries, accidents and damage. You can use restraints to safely secure everything on the roof rack to protect your equipment and keep everyone around you safe. There are many different types of restraints, depending on what you need to secure, including gas bottle restraints, fuel canister holders, tie downs, ratchet straps, tool holders, shovel holders, spare tyre restraints, cargo nets, chains, shackles, cable locks, etc.