A Quick Kitchen Design Fix – LED Strip Lights Steal the Spotlight

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are energy saving sources of light that last for years and offer great flexibility for any design project you may want to use them. They can be used for various purposes – general room lighting, general task lighting as well as accent lighting. Probably the best thing about LEDs is their huge versatility as they cover a wide range of light – from cool and crisp to warm and soft. Plus, they come in different design options that leave you with plenty of choices to play around with as design elements.

On today’s menu are LED strip lights – the invention that has a power to alter the look of any room and give your lighting scheme a new dimension. Today we’ll see how you can incorporate these small poweful pieces to give your kitchen design a quick fix. Visit a LED strip Australia based online store and think outside the box to light up the fun in your home.

LED strip lights are actually a flexible circuit board which has attached LED chips that can be cut to size. The strips have a self-adhesive back side which makes them quite easy to install almost everywhere. The chips are dots of light which are spaced about every 1.5 cm and have different levels of brightness. They give any space a sleek and clean look, have a very long lifespan and come with the added benefit of being cost-effective.

They can be easily placed under cabinets and under the counter to create a glowing silhouette. Furthermore, their slim design makes strip lights a great option to be used as accent lights to emphasize floating shelves. Another cool place to add LED strip light in your kitchen is on the toe kicks. Here the strips can act both as accent lighting while also provide nighttime illumination.


Undercabinet lighting is probably the most commonly used location for placing LED strip Australia wide. Besides adding the much needed light while cooking as well as emphasizing the unique design of your cabinets, LED lights stay cool regardless of the amount of time they’ve been on, thus your hands won’t get hot while you are working below them on the counter. However, there’s no need to limit the use of LED strip lights to the interior only. They can be also used wisely as task lighting for deep bases, drawers, dark corners as well as in other areas that need more illumination. Think outside the box and bring your kitchen to a superior level.