Accessorise Your Space in a Jiffy with Decor Cushions

Accessorizing the space with decor cushions


Whether you just moved into a new place and want to make it more homey or want to give an instant makeover to your current one, décor is the key to achieving that. That being said, cushions are some of the best home accessories. They can improve the overall comfort and make the entire space appear cosier and more colourful. Decorative cushions are an easy and cost-effective way to jazz up your home and they can blend in perfectly in both classic and contemporary interiors.

Different Types of Cushions and Materials They’re Made Of

Cushions of different types and materials


Cushions, or sometimes referred to as throw pillows, are a versatile addition to your decorating scheme. Forge creativity and actualise your style with your choice of home décor cushions. You can select cushions based on shape, pattern or the material they’re made of.

By Material


As a natural material, cotton is widely used in cushion manufacturing. It’s soft and cool on the skin, easy to take care of and breathable. Cotton cushions are durable and can complement most modern interior styles as they provide a laidback feel and minimalistic look.


Velvet is a soft fabric characterised by a dense pile of evenly cut fibres with a smooth nap. With its shiny appearance and plush feel, velvet is incorporated in cushion manufacturing and is one of the most favourite fabrics because it can easily add a touch of luxury to any home. When you choose home décor cushions you want them to match well with other fabrics and velvet is an ideal choice as it goes well with fur or silk and allows you to create a contrasting effect over linen or cotton, whether plain or printed.


This is the most popular synthetic man-made polymer. Polyester provides many benefits and is often used in pop culture, movies and commercials. It’s a highly durable fabric and resistant to chemicals. It’s not easy to stretch it or shrink it. The greatest advantage of polyester is that its properties can be enhanced by blending it with other fabrics, such as cotton, and improve flexibility, functionality and comfort.

By Shape


Square decorative cushions depict ideas of balance and proportion and can be integrated into any room. Their versatile shape can be paired with almost any other shape to spruce up your home décor.


Round or circular shapes allow you to express your creativity and make your room stand out visually. Their shape has no apparent beginning or end, which provides a sense of timelessness to the entire space and fits snugly into it.


Cushions in rectangular shapes provide a clean, sharp look to the overall appearance of the room. This type of decorative cushions is often used in modern home interiors.

By Pattern


Depending on your personal preferences, you can go with versatile colour choices, ranging from white, black, red, grey, yellow, orange, green and more. Using solid decorative cushion sets is an efficient way to add different pops of colour to your living space without spending a fortune. You can add more colour to your room or stick to a single colour to counterbalance the room’s colour palette.


Floral designs add a layer of dimension to the room that is pleasing for the eye. The key to successfully introducing floral patterns to your home décor is to strike the perfect balance between composition and colour palette. Floral patterns draw the eye and are ideal centrepiece objects. A decorative cushion with floral design can easily bring together several elements such as line, space, texture, form and colour.


Both homeowners and interior designers are relying on geometric patterns lately to utilise aesthetics and make a powerful statement. When done right, geometric patterns can have a significant impact on the overall look of your room.

Oversized Throw Pillow

Sometimes it’s fine to go overboard in terms of size and step out of the norm. An oversized decorative cushion can create a cosy room and catch the attention instantly. You can play with colour as well and choose a cushion that will add charm to your home interior.

How to Decorate Your Home with Cushions

Home decoration with cushions


Decorating a home is not an easy thing to do. It’s more like art that brings together ideas and objects to give a dynamic appeal to your living space. If chosen properly, your cushions can pull together all the elements of the room. Just try not to overdo with cushions thus leaving no space for sitting.

Your cushions don’t necessarily have to match, instead, you can mix patterns and colours and still achieve a polished and modern look of your home interior. If you want to stay on the safe side, avoid mixing more than three different patterns in a room.

Make Use of Any Corner of Your House

There are many different ways to decorate your space with cushions, and here are just some ideas that can help you add an appeal to your home. Begin with a corner of your home that you’re not using very often and turn it into a cosy nook for reading or relaxing. Spread a rug, throw some cushions and create your own little corner in the house.

Brighten Up the Living Room

For a casual appeal of your living room, choose cushions with soft fill and pile them up in a corner to cosy up your sofa. If you want to achieve a more formal tone, opt for an even number of decorative cushions and place them symmetrically. Choose the colours keeping in mind the furnishing and the backgrounds. Add a cushion or two on your armchair as well, but if it’s placed close to the sofa, select different prints and colours. Feel free to experiment and give your living room a completely new feel.

Accentuate the Bedroom

Nothing is quite as inviting as a bed with pillow and cushion arrangement. You can choose a cushion set and turn it into an accent piece in your bedroom with ease. Pick contrasting colours to the rest of the room for a cohesive and stylish appearance.