Advantages Of Apap Machines

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, you surely have been prescribed a professional CPAP therapy that will help you keep the airways open. Whether CPAP, BIPAP or APAP machine, the one that you’ll choose depends on your OSA symptoms, severity of your problem and your budget.

Apap Machines

Generally, APAP machines are specially designed for sleep apnea sufferers and are designed to give certain level of air pressure. APAP machines are ideal because these devices constantly adjust the prescribed minimum pressure of air, so the patient can receive the proper air flow. If you decide to buy APAP machine instead of a CPAP and BIPAP, take a look at its main three benefits.


  • APAP machines offer a “two-fer” and it can be set to a straight CPAP mode. This way the patient can receive a constant pressure, which cannot be obtained by a CPAP machine. However, some people do better when using CPAP and other when using APAP machine. So which one you choose will depend really on you. Most companies offer a free month trial, so why not take advantage of it. Try one machine and if you do not feel comfortable with it, exchange it for a new one.


  • The greatest thing about using an APAP machine is that it automatically adjusts the pressure when you change your sleeping position. This way you will constantly be supplied with the prescribed air pressure, which is crucial for your treatment. Additionally, an APAP machine automatically will adjust the pressure if your pressure needs change when you develop a mask leak, change your mask or try other mask parts. This is the only way you can improve your health condition and can get better. A static CPAP machine on the other hand, is not suitable for these situations, so if you choose to buy it, it will take longer to see any improvements in your condition


  • The use of APAP machines reduces the need for doctor visits, if the patient responsibly manages own therapy of course. Additionally, APAP machines can reduce the need for the upcoming sleep tests because the patient is self/auto – titrating. The auto – adjustable APAP machine comes with a specially installed software that allows the patient to download the recorded data on his PC. This enables you to monitor and adjust the air pressure and manage your own therapy.