Advantages Of Fibre Optic Products

Fibre optic cables

The discovery of fibre optic products have drastically changed the Internet, telecommunication systems, especially long-distance phone calls, as well as cable TV. But why are fibre optic cables so important? To get a better understanding of the advantages of fibre optic products, you need to know what fibre optics are. Simply said, a fibre optic is a very thin (the size of human hair) and long strand of 100% glass that transfers light signals at enormous speed. This feature, not common for copper wire cables, is why fibre optic products have revolutionized the telecommunication industry as well as plumbing, medicine and mechanics.

Thanks to the fibre optic products, medicine has advanced so much that today doctors are able to examine human organs what helps them detect in time any serious illness. For example, bronchoscope, which depends on fibre optics, is a medical device used for inspecting lungs. Also, thanks to fibre optic products, water and sewer lines can now be inspected faster, efficiently and at a lower cost. The same is true for car industry. Because of fibre optic products, engineers are able to fully examine car engines and all internal parts and detect any faults in time. Therefore, thanks to fibre optic products, today’s car models are a lot more safer.

So, we can conclude that fibre optic products are characterized by speed. Ergo, greater speed equals lower cost which is why fibre optic products are far less expensive than copper cables. But these are not the only reasons for the increasing popularity of fibre optic products. Aside from being economical, fibre optic products provide additional advantages.

1. Because fibre optics are very thin, they provide greater transmitting capacity. For example, a fibre optic cable of the size of a copper cable can house more fibers, thus enable greater number of phone lines, for example.

2. The unique structure makes fibre optic products extremely flexible, thus capable of changing shape.

3. Fibre optic products provide better signal enabling better phone calls, especially long-distance ones and without any interference.

4. Because fibre optic products do not use nor transmit electricity, they are non-flammable.

5. As mentioned above, fibre optic products transmit light signals which lose very little energy, which is why fibre optic products do not need high power transmitters what makes them very energy efficient.

6. Fibre optic products are ideal for transmitting digital signals essential for computers.

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