Advantages Of Portable Air Compressors

The air compressor is a machine that is heavily used in many industry sectors where compressed air is needed. This machine is designed to create kinetic energy which is used for various applications, like inflating tires or for powering pneumatic tools. There are different air compressors on the market, and each compressor comes with specific configuration and specifications. Like many other heavy-duty machines or tools, the air compressors are classified in two main categories: stationary and portable compressors.

Every company needs high-quality, efficient and compatible air compressor for achieving the best results from different applications. When choosing the air compressor for your job site, you need to make sure that the machine will satisfy your work requirements. Choosing the right air compressor is essential if you want to achieve high level of efficiency and productivity on the job site.


Both compressor types are designed to suit different applications and to provide high level of efficiency. But the portable compressors are more popular than the stationary compressors. This is because the portable compressors offer more benefits and advantages. Before making any decision, check the following benefits which are provided by the portable air compressors:


As the name suggests, the first and most significant advantage of these compressors is their portability. The portable compressors can be used for many applications around the job site, which means that they can be moved from one location to another without too much effort. Thanks to their portability, these compressors are described as easy to work with and highly efficient machines. On the other side, the stationary compressors are fixed on one location and cannot be moved easily.

Compact size

The portable compressors are available in many different sizes. In general, they are smaller in size and have lighter weight when compared with the stationary compressors. Thus, the portable compressors are more flexible. Small and compact, the portable compressors can be easily stored and kept in your garage, basement or attic.

Less noise

Unlike the stationary air compressors, the portable compressors produce significantly less noise. Since the stationary compressors produce high level of noise on the job site, they cannot be used for indoor applications. The portable air compressors on the other hand, are described as quite machines that can be used for both indoor and outdoor tasks.