All Details Concerning Juice Poppers

If you’ve ever been to a sex shop, you’ve probably seen a couple of bottles lying around the counter labeled as “Rush”, “Rave”, “Amsterdam” or “Jungle Juice Poppers” and wondered what they are. These little bottles of chemical fun are sniffed and they give you a head-rush “high” that lasts for a few minutes and enhances sexual experience.

These recreational drugs were mostly used by gay men back in the eighties, but are now more widely used by party-goers who want to enhance their clubbing experience. For instance, people that do other drugs take them to intensify the high, as their effect is brief, but brilliant and bright. For scene kids, students, ravers and sexual beasts, juice poppers are the ultimate thing to have in night clubs and parties. In Australia, where I’m from, it is illegal to sell them in stores, but you can rest assured you will find them online at good prices.


You can sniff them at the club, just make sure you’re at least somewhat subtle, as bouncers might pocket your bottle or chuck you out – most likely both. But bouncers are the least of your problems. Be subtle so you avoid all the idiots roaming around and wanting a sniff, then boring you with their uninteresting stories just so they can be around you and sniff some more.

Make sure you don’t leave the top off. If you do, the liquid will lose its power and will eventually go dead. It won’t make your room smell with lovely-high chemicals for everyone to inhale. Also, avoid drinking them as they can kill you. People become stupid when they drink, and some are stupid without even drinking, so keep it away from them too.

And now on to my favourite part about poppers – having sex while being high on them. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but they are stimulants. Drugs are either stimulants, depressants or psychedelics. Well, what poppers do is they make you all warm, horny and woozy. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just widen your bumhole, but they relax all your muscles and intensify all your senses, ensuring you and your partner have mind-blowing sex.

Straight people have been using them for a long time, one person in particular that was notorious for it was JFK, and unlike most, he was sharing it with Marilyn Monroe and a lot of different amazing women while being the president of the United States. So yeah, this pretty much makes all talks about poppers being a drug only for gay people, young people and students go down the drain.