All You Need to Know About Organic Sparkling Wine

pouring organic sparkling wine

Can you imagine a wedding, a New Year’s Eve party, or any celebration without popping a cold sparkling wine? It’s associated with good moments, and somehow we all think of it as something luxurious, something we don’t drink every day. But, sparkling wine should not be reserved for special occasions only. Being alive and well and enjoying the sun and the good company of your loved ones should be a reason good enough for you to open a delicious cold sparkling wine and indulge.

Did you know this type of wine was made by a mistake? Although it is a common belief, not every organic sparkling is champagne. Sounds confusing? Let’s dive into some sparkling wine knowledge.

What Is Organic Sparkling Wine?

organic sparkling wine


As the name suggests, organic sparkling wine is a type of wine that has bubbles when you pour it in a glass. The sparkles in the drink result from the dissolved carbon-di-oxide that raises when the wine is under pressure in the bottle. In the early days of making wine, some light bubbles would pop up during the winemaking process and that wasn’t supposed to happen. The winemakers in the old days didn’t know the reason behind that.

But, today we know that during the cold days, the bottles halted fermentation. When the winter passed, the yeast was becoming active as the temperature would increase. As you guess, this first happened in France and Spain (the method was called Champenoise). Later, Italy started making this type of wine using the Charmat method. The rest is history.

Types of Sparkling Wine

When standing in front of the wine aisle, you can easily get confused. Which one is organic sparkling? How do you know if it is any good? What year should you pick? Let’s check a few types that would help you in your choice.


champagne in ice bucket


This type of sparkling wine is so popular around the world, no wonder people tend to call all sparkling wines “champagne”. For a bottle of sparkling wine to be considered champagne, it should come from the Champagne province in France. Champagne is a versatile drink that can be easily paired with a fancy dinner, a light breakfast, good lunch, fried food, and whatever you want to drink it with. People love the tiny bubbles that create a fruity and sweet taste that is ideal for any meal and celebration. Plus, everyone loves drinking from those fancy champagne glasses.


Italy, the country of excellent wine serves us the tasty Prosecco. It origins from a small village in Prosecco, Italy. It’s made from Glera grapes that have a sweet taste. This sparkling wine is an especially popular extra for cocktails, thanks to the big bubbles it has compared to other wines (this comes from using the Tank method). Italians love having a glass of Prosecco combined with a delicious cheese or simple cocktail-sized sandwiches.


sekt wine


Germany also offers the world a sparkling wine called Sekt. It has a fruity and floral taste that comes from the mix of fruits such as pears and apples, and also white flowers. It is not as sweet as other kinds of organic champagne, and its low alcohol amount makes it especially popular around the world.


couple drinking rose wine


Who doesn’t love a sparkling rosé? The lovely pink colour and fruity aroma make this wine a lovely choice for any celebration, romantic dinner, or simply relaxing afternoon with your favourite TV show. This wine contains grapes but sometimes strawberries, rhubarb, rose petals that combined together give the perfect rose colour.

How To Open This Type of Wine?

We all know how cool it looks in the movies when the character simply pushes the cork and it pops. Before you actually push the cork, make sure you remove the foil and the cage. Next, put one hand on the cork, and with the other, hold the bottom of the bottle.

Always make sure the cork is pointed in a safe direction (don’t point it towards people, TV, windows, or other easily breakable things). Then, gently twist the bottle to loosen the cork until you hear that popping sound. Once the cork is off, pour it in a glass and serve.

Best Way to Store It

Once opened, sparkling wine is best stored in dark spaces with a consistent temperature. If you’re about to store it for a brief time, make sure to lay the bottle vertically. If it has to be stored for a longer period, then it should be placed horizontally.

How to Serve Sparkling Wine?

Ideally, sparkling wine is best served at 4 – 10 Celsius degrees. It tastes amazing when it’s chilled. To keep it chill for a longer time, you can put it in the fridge about three hours before serving. Or you can put it in ice water for half an hour. You can also cool the glasses in the fridge to keep the drink cool for a longer time.

sparkling wine and food


When it comes to the right food, these wines can easily pair with a variety of foods. They go well with fruits like grapes and strawberries, but also cheese, pizza, fried food, desserts, shrimp, seafood, vegetables, just anything.

sparkling wine glasses


And when it comes to choosing the right glass, that differs from wine to wine. The classic tulip is reserved for rosé and Prosecco. The wide tulip is suitable for aged sparkling wine, while the coupe glass (the vintage design) is ideal for the classic French champagne.

Picking the right sparkling wine can be a challenge if you don’t know what you’re looking for. These wines don’t require you to be an expert – just g with what you feel like drinking at the moment and you can’t be wrong. The most important thing is that today sparkling wine is widely available and affordable, which means you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to taste it. Get it today because you feel like treating yourself and enjoy the bubbles, even if you’re at home, wearing your coziest pyjamas, watching your favourite show.