An Intoxicating Gift Guide for the Liqueur Enthusiast in Your Life

Gifting is kind of hard, isn’t it? I mean, how often can you precisely laser in on the perfect gift for someone without first spending an absurd amount of time picking your brain or searching for gift idea lists online (like you’re were probably doing just a moment ago). There’s an old adage that says cash and liquor are always an option, but when you have a friend who is actually an alcohol enthusiast (within the safe limits, of course) a liquor gift hits the spot. But instead of picking a traditional alcohol gift such as a bottle of sparkling wine or whiskey, you can instead go for one of these creative ideas that will surely bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Craft Gin

Popular Gin Cocktails

You’ve heard of craft beer right? Homebrewed ale, consisting of custom flavour profiles and ingredients. Well apply that to gin and you got the general gist of it. Gin is a clear spirit made from juniper berry oils mixed with grain alcohol. This combination gives gin a distinct flavour, unlike any other spirit. With the basic formula of gin being sold around the world, some people have taken it up to themselves to make craft gins, with a wide selection of extra flavours at their disposal.

Just picture it, fresh and unique Australian gin with surprising hints of mandarin, jasmine, blueberry, almond, coffee, heck, even chocolate – perfect for any gin lover. Gin allows for this type of flavour alchemy due to the fact that it blends well, creating a flavoured spirit that’s both refreshing and sufficiently alcoholic, without it being neither too strong nor too weak.

Distributers like Gintonika make it possible for you to browse and subsequently buy gin online in cute little packages that feature several different flavours. They offer anything from small packages of 2-4 bottles of special craft gin to huge 12 bottle tasting kits for those who want to play it safe and test the waters before they finally buy gin in a decent-sized quantity. You get to browse through different packs, see what ingredients are found in different editions and then finally, when you order gin online, you’ll get some of the finest Australian gin, in a wide selection of tiny tasty bottles, delivered to your door. It’s truly a perfect gift for both avid alcohol enthusiasts and people who want to try something more than just your everyday gin and tonic combo.

Craft Beer

Craft Beer with gin

Now then, back to craft beers. People love craft drinks in general, but with beer, there’s a series of rituals associated with it. First, you find a secret small craft brewery that no one knows about. Then, you buy a small selection of different types of ales, lagers, stouts or whatever else the recipient prefers and pair it with snacks such as sausages or cheese. This gift is perfect for indulging your friend or loved one, allowing them to have the time of their lives.

You can also find craft beer in supermarkets or from local craft retailers online, allowing you to have a detailed overview of what you’re purchasing, what it contains and how strong it is from the comfort of your home. The recipient can either gorge themselves silly with tasty alcoholic goodness or can share them with friends at a home craft beer party.

Flavoured Liqueurs

flavoured spirits like gin

Continuing the trend of different tastes in small packages, flavoured liqueurs are where things get intense. Considering the fact that you can ferment almost anything that contains sugar, what happens when you mix the resulting alcohol with a concentrated syrup? You get flavoured liqueur!

Unlike flavoured spirits like gin, vodka or whatnot, liqueurs are with lower alcohol content. This, however, is compensated by a much sweeter and stronger taste profile, which makes liqueurs excellent for aperitifs or cocktails.

The variety in liqueurs is truly astonishing, with over 2000 different tastes and counting, you can find one made from anything from fruits, to nuts, to herbs, to spices to chocolate. With such a huge palette of choice, this makes flavoured liqueur the perfect gift tradition, allowing you to buy a different one for every possible occasion and never repeat yourself even after years of doing it.

Custom Shot Glasses

Gin With Cope de balon glasse

With all these lovely ideas taken into consideration, you may as well like to buy something that will last longer than a few gulps. So, why not consider glassware? There are special custom glasses sold online for almost all types of alcoholic beverages. From spirit glasses to Viking-like pints, but nothing so iconic as the noble tiny shot glass!

Shot glasses are small, timeless, mostly safe from transportation damage and can come in more styles than any type of glassware. Not to mention the fact that they are easy to customise by adding personal inscriptions on the glass. Buy your friend a set of these bad boys with all your favourite references or running jokes imprinted on them and let them enjoy a drink or two with you and their friends with style.