Audiology Australia Clinic: FAQs

Should you find yourself in a position when you are considering whether to make an appointment with your GP regarding a certain concern you are having about your hearing capacity, you will need to get familiar with the procedure so that you can properly prepare for everything that follows.


  • Firstly, you need to have an informative conversation with your GP as he will surely need to know more details regarding your symptoms. Then, he might refer you to an Ear Nose and Throat clinic to an audiologist where you will undergo further examination, depending on the particular symptoms you have presented to your GP and your medical history.
  • If the ENT practitioner determines that you are experiencing a certain level of hearing loss, provided the basics have been covered, such as ruling out the possibility that you simply have excess ear wax or a mild infection, you will need to undergo a full hearing test.
  • Make sure that you are in good hands by seeking a reliable audiology Australia based clinic, especially when it comes to the hearing test. The test lasts for about 20 minutes and during it, the patient sits with headphones and hears different sounds at different frequencies. It helps determine patient’s ability to hear these sounds. The result of this test is a full audiogram – a depiction of the full capacity of the hearing organ.
  • If the doctor determines that you have a hearing problem that needs to be addressed, he/she will discuss the solution together with you and offer you several different options, including hearing aids that can help you regain the feeling of control in the world of sounds.
  • Another important aspect of putting your trust in reliable hands is to ensure that the audiology Australia clinic has a program that will guide you through the proper usage and maintenance of the different kinds of hearing aids.
  • Taking someone with you to accompany you through the whole appointment and procedure would be very helpful, because hearing loss is a disability that needs to be explained well to the members of the family as much as it need to be clarified to you.
  • The usage of a proper hearing aid will enable you to feel in control again, complete the puzzle of senses nature has granted us with and avoid stressing out over the lost bits and pieces of the conversation.