Axial RC Trucks Guide: Get Outside and Have some Fun

From its founding in 2005, Axial has quickly evolved into one of the leaders in the ever-growing world of remote-controlled vehicles. They’ve become to the go-to brand for RC trucks, be it rock crawlers, stadium trucks, monster trucks, rock racers, rock bouncers and more. Their attention to quality and detail, rugged construction as well as real-life scale make Axial trucks extremely sought after by both RC beginners and seasoned racing hobbyists.

Let’s take a look at several Axial RC trucks, ranging from smaller entry-level offerings that are also easier on the wallet, to larger-scale replicas of off-roading legends.

Best Rock Crawler for Beginners – Axial Jeep Wrangler RC Crawler 1/24

Rock crawler on rocks

This is a ready-to-run (RTR) vehicle with all the goodies to get you hooked to RC trucks, fast. It might be smaller than its bigger brothers, but this 1/24 scale, licensed replica of the Wrangler can handle anything you can throw at it. The truck has steel c-channel frame rails, just like in the bigger trucks, to ensure the best stability and rigidity in all terrains. The brushed motor is set on a steel mount to minimise flex, and helps protect the gears. These are of the worm type, set at both axles, so there’s real-time 4WD. Both axles are solid (just like the real car), and sit on long travel suspension for better handling and high ground clearance. Parts are easily swapped out thanks to the coil-over body design. The wheels are from KMC, and the trail grappler tyres get the truck up any obstacle. LED lights help in the dark.

The whole package comes in real-to-life detail with the car it replicates. It is suited to all skill levels, and beginners will soon be thrashing their trucks anywhere they deem fit. A good take is the waterproof assembly, so you can take this through water and mud without issue. All that you need to get racing, like the controller and batteries, is included in the kit.

Best Rock Crawler for Enthusiasts – Axial SXC 10 III Early Ford Bronco RC Crawler

This is a larger crawler, coming at 1/10th the scale of one of the best first real off-roaders – the Ford Bronco from the late 1960s/ early 1970s. A real selling point is the level of detail and realism to the real car. True to life components include the moulded tube cage and tube rail doors, the front and rear moulded bumpers (the front with inserts for a winch cradle), front and rear licence plates, and inside – moulded seats, dash, steering wheel and pedals all correctly sized. True to the real thing are the first Beadlock wheels on any vehicle, the use of straight axles and the replica 5 litre V8 under the hood.

Quality high-performance parts are used throughout. Under the V8 is the electric motor, that can be run at two speeds directly from the controller, high-end aluminium adjustable shocks and even a real locking rear diff. The kit comes with a better controller, and there’s the choice to include multiple batteries in the provided chassis slots. The truck has a decent pick up of speed, good traction, and the adjustability is good for a range of different terrains and settings.

Best for Speed – Axial RBX10 RYFT Rock Bouncer

Rock crawler

Axial RC bouncers are built for speed. Like real-life rock bouncers, they’re designed to get over any obstacle or incline, fast. They can also can take a beating while doing so. The truck is built around a tube chassis, made of high strength composite plastics, and has a strong powertrain driven by a brushless motor for extra punch. Mountains, deserts, hills and rocky terrain are no challenge for the 4-way adjustable suspension, stabilised by a sway bar and the truck running on bigger racing wheels and grippy tyres. This is not a ready-to-race truck, but offers a wide range of adjustability for all RC hobbyists. You can choose between the transmitters and receivers, additional servos (for better maneuverability) and a wide variety of batteries among other things. There are also different paint options with matching decals to suit different tastes.

What to Look for in Your Next RC Truck?

Trucks are set higher than truggies and buggies (the Axial Capra Trail Buggy being a good example) so you should have no trouble over difficult terrain. Axial produces real-life replicas of real off-roaders, like the Wrangler, the Gladiator and the Bronco in high detail that strives for realism. And bespoke trucks suited for different driving styles. There are cars of varying scale, starting at the smaller end at 1/24th and going to the largest size, 1/6th.

RC vehicles can be ready to run, or can be provided as chassis only, with the builder choosing from the huge Axial parts list to get a custom build. There’s also the choice between brushed motors in cheaper trucks or brushless motors for more grunt, run time and more fun. Prices start at around $200 for basic entry-level kits suited for all ages, but will exceed $1000 as you pimp up your ride. Choose what suits your budget, your skill level, the best RC vehicle for the terrain, and what catches your eye.