Ready, Set, Go! The Basic Pieces of BMX Racing Gear for Beginners

BMX racing gear

BMX racing is a competitive discipline and although it provides a great deal of fun, it also contains a certain level of risk. But besides being an Olympic discipline, there is also a BMX community that involves people enjoying their regular bikes on the tracks. So, whether you are a beginner in BMX racing or are a parent of a new racer, there are quite some things you will need to learn. Besides having some basic riding skills, BMX racing also requires the right gear to make the most out of your experience. And nothing is more important than being safe on this adventure. Even more so if it is your kid that’s on the bike. Riding 40-50 kilometres per hour without wearing the proper safety equipment can be really dangerous, so you definitely shouldn’t risk it.

If you are a beginner in this sport, you may find yourself a bit lost regarding what essentials to buy, and you might find the prices of everything a bit higher than you can afford. But worry not, today there are a lot of brands manufacturing BMX racing gear, which means that prices can greatly vary. So, to get a good deal, my recommendation is to go online, find a reputable retailer and find yourself some decent BMX racing gear for sale that will be the right fit for your body and budget. Here are some of the essential pieces you should look for.


bmx racing helmets

Without a doubt, the helmet is one of the most important safety BMX racing gear basics you will purchase. The main purpose of this piece of equipment is to keep your head safe without affecting your vision. Experienced BMX riders always recommend wearing a full-face helmet – one that will cover not only your head but will protect your teeth and mouth as well. With the many improvements in technology, ventilation is definitely one of the most important ones for helmets. Also, BMX helmets are a bit different when compared to other cycling helmets as they are designed to in a way to withstand more wear and tear.


bmx race gloves

A quality pair of gloves is an inexpensive safety piece of gear that will protect your hands and skin in case of a fall. BMX gloves are designed with extra padding and built-in grips which makes them super comfortable to wear. Also, they are perfect for racing in cold weather as they will provide you with a high level of insulation and warmth. When buying a pair of gloves, never compromise on quality and make sure you buy a pair that is highly durable. Most gloves today are made of spandex while the palms of the gloves are usually made of Clarino – a manmade material that resembles natural leather.

Elbow and Knee Pads

bmx knee pad

Elbow pads are not a must-have piece of protective gear but it is a good idea to have them when you’re a beginner. Plus, you can easily find these pieces of BMX racing gear for sale, which means they are not a hefty investment. When BMX racing, you have to wear a long sleeve shirt which protects your hands to some extent but having in mind that your elbows are one of the most exposed parts of your body when riding, keeping them protected won’t hurt you. The same goes for knee pads. Wearing long pants only may be okay for a more experienced rider, but for someone who is just starting out in this sport, wearing knee and shin protection is essential.