Bean Bag Chairs: Sink Into a New Generation of Chic Comfort

Disclaimer: Bean bag chairs are not actually filled with beans. On a more serious note, bean bags have made a comeback as a go-to choice for a fun, practical and versatile piece of furniture for any home. The biggest reason for this is their mulch-functionality and extremely comfortable design suitable for any setting.

Bean Bag Chairs

They can be a furniture alternative for kids rooms, dorms and some can transform into beds, making them amazing for small spaces. Besides home use, they find great use in some public places like libraries and offices. Some are designed for outdoor use and you can, for instance, place one on your patio and watch the sunset while sipping your favourite drink. Here are some things you need to consider before you go out and buy bean bag chairs.

Most bean bag chairs today are filled with light, small polystyrene beans that will form accordingly to your body, creating a perfect little comfortable nest. These beads are fire-resistant and often made from recycled materials, making this product very eco-friendly. The other great thing about these bags is that you can later on add more beads for extra support.

As an alternative to the polystyrene beads, you can find bean bags with foam similar to the foam used in memory foam mattresses, just broken into smaller pieces in order to create a softer memory foam effect. Because of the foam softness they offer, they can be vacuum-sealed into smaller containers that will be more convenient for shipping and convenient to put back into their original shape.

Besides the fillers, the most important thing when you are out looking for a bean bag is the cover and the liner. The liner comes in between the filler and the cover, offering protection from dust, moisture and dander. Plus, it acts as a container for the filler, and allows you to remove the exterior cover to clean it without having to replace the filler as many times as you wash the cover.

Depending on where you intend to use the bean bag, you should pick a different cover design. Covers made of twill, cotton and suede are perfect for indoor usage since they are easy to clean and are child and pet friendly. For outdoor usage, you should go for the faux-leather and leather covers, as well as nylon, generally something that is weather, stain and water resistant.

To summarize, you have to think about the filling and the cover of the bean bag you are getting. To make the choice simpler, you should think about how often and where you want to use the bean bag, as well as who is going to be using it the most. Do you want it to convert into a bed for guests? Will you be taking naps in it? Are you using it indoors or outdoors? These are just some of the questions that will help you narrow down your choice.