Benefits of Using Garmin Aviation Equipment

Most people know Garmin for its excellent land-focused GPS equipment. They’ve made great strides that have advanced GPS technology, which is why practically everyone’s using Garmin for different things, including getting a quality workout. However, not a lot of people are aware that Garmin also makes some of the world’s finest aviation equipment that has also almost singlehandedly advanced that field too. On top of that, there are plenty of different types of avionics to choose from, with plenty of benefits of using them.

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Garmin inReach

This is one of those Garmin GPS devices that see an incredible widespread use due to its variety of applications, including in-flight ones. The basis of its usage is that it can be used to communicate while either on the ground or in the sky, because it’s intended to be used not only by pilots, but also outdoor enthusiasts and mariners. It allows two-way satellite communication with SMS via a low orbit satellite network, and it can also show you a forecast of the weather.

You can also use the inReach for location sharing, navigation, as well as the critical SOS functions, and this technology is based on the one used in track dogs, so if you prep your device beforehand, rescue services will be able to track you even if you’re unconscious. The offering from this device makes it one of the most popular Garmin avionics available on the market today, and coupled with the fact it has a very durable build and a long battery, it only becomes obvious why this device has become as popular as it has.

Garmin Handheld GPS

Even though it’s called a Handheld GPS, this is one of those Garmin GPS units that is so much more than what its name implies. The functions it offers can be counted as an electronic flight bag essentials kit, which means you can easily develop an entire flight path on it. For such a small device, it can download an astonishing amount of data, such as weather, air traffic, wire strike avoidance, charts, airport info, fuel prices, and much more. The Garmin Handheld GPS also has an excellent screen that can be read even in sunlight, and while it only has a four-hour battery, it can be charged via USB during flights. The location accuracy it gives is also superb and can be used to navigate terminal traffic before and after landing. Plus, you can use it to get detailed topographic maps of the terrain.

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Aviator GPS Watch

If you want the premium Garmin aviation feel, then look no further than the Aviator Watch. Its premium D2 Delta model is often considered one of the best smartwatches in the world, and even though it can be quite costly, you get the full suite of aviation functions that you can use from your wrist. It features a lot of functions that are simply not found on other watches, such as NEXRAD weather, automatic flight logging, dynamic colour mapping, data on all airports, alerts for anything and everything, and even total integration with other avionics equipment. It’s also a proper smartwatch as it can show you information on your pulse and blood saturation via its Pulse Ox sensor, as well as numerous fitness-related functionalities that you would expect from a regular smartwatch, such as a heart rate monitor and fitness tracking. You can also put over 500 songs on the smartwatch itself without even needing to use the phone, and once you decide to get back from your flight, you can use the watch for contactless payment.

Garmin G500 TXI and G600 TXI

Garmin has made some significant advancements in the aviation field with some of its latest technology, such as the G500 TXI and G600 TXI. They’re cockpit devices designed to be used with ease, as they include a touchscreen interface and excellent computer processors that support pretty much all aviation applications. There are three available display sizes for the TXI, with the largest one being at 10.6 inches, which can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. When you pair them with a GTN 650/750 touch navigator, you can unlock even further capabilities of the cockpit. These cockpit devices are intended to be used by advanced pilots with experience in the plane, which is why they’re on the pricier side. However, they do offer a vast array of capabilities and applications, so it’s totally worth it for pilots and flying enthusiasts.

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Garmin G1000 NXI

Out of all Garmin aircraft products, this one can be considered the holy grail. It’s such an advancement over previous generations of Garmin avionics, and the suite of applications it offers is unprecedented. It’s a modernised version of the original G1000 cockpit found in the King Air 200 and 300/350 models, and due to improvements in its technology, the system supports even faster map rendering and smoother panning on the displays. The entire system also boots up in a manner of seconds, which is a notable improvement over the previous generation, as well as other types of cockpits. While the Garmin G1000 NXI is indeed pricy, it’s totally worth it if you’re a seasoned pilot or flying enthusiast looking to further improve your flying experience. It’s without a doubt a great cockpit, as well as another amazing Garmin aircraft device.