Best Australian Super Funds

If you are confident with your managing skills and want to be responsible for your own fund, then the SMSF is the ideal Australian fund for you. There are many different kinds of super funds these days, but choosing the right one might require a detailed research and sacrifice in order to collect the fruits in the future. Since you can run your own fund and make financial decisions on your own, the SMSF becomes one of the most popular Australian super fund available on the market. SMSF can include up to 4 members and combines the assets for providing the best benefits for every member of the fund. Therefore, if you think that you can successfully manage your assets choose the SMSF.

Australian super funds

  • What makes these superannuation funds the best Australian super funds, is the fact that you can be a trustee of your own fund. If you have the needed expertise in shares and trusts, you would be able to make important financial decisions, instead of relying on other people employed in the superannuation industry.
  • The SMSF is the new ”must have” accessory in the financial world simply because you are able to track your own investments and to choose a unique way of investing your money. This feature contributes to the fact that the self-managed superannuation funds are undoubtedly the best Australian super funds.
  • Even though you have to follow the rules of the Australian Taxation Office, you still have full control over your SMSF. However, as a trustee, you have the obligation to constantly check if there are some changes in the rules that are set by the ATO, and to keep records on your annual reports previously approved by an SMSF auditor.
  • Although considered as the best Australian super funds, the self-managed superannuation funds require large amount of money for the set up and a lot of time for managing. However, the SMSF brings many lucrative benefits in the future. Foe example, you would be able to use your retirement fund for investment purposes from which you will surely benefit.
  • The choices of investment are greater with the SMSFs than with other super funds what makes them the best Australian super funds. You can invest in properties, direct shares, cash, etc. You also have the flexibility to create your own investing strategy.
  • Instead of keeping your money in a bank, invest with the best Australian super funds. Other funds will save you money, but won’t help you multiply the money you have saved for retirement as will SMSF.

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