Best Kids Bedroom Design Ever

Designing a kids bedroom means choosing a lot of bold colours, shaped beds, shaped mirrors, desks and shelves; all for creating the fairytale bedroom. And how can you choose the best design for kids bedroom, when everything there is, is just so cute and adorable. There’s no way to tell which style or design is the winner. However, if we have to pick one design that stands out, we’d go with the one that incorporates the outdoors as the driving interior design idea, with lots of green colours, and wooden elements.


A lot of climbing ropes, ladders, swings and hidden storage spaces are used to create this room design. Most of them should be made of wood, or wood-like material, the walls should be painted in green and blue, much like creating the jungle-like environment.

Childrens beds are also made of wood, and you can add some ropes to make a canopy bed for the ultimate feeling of sleeping in the outdoors. When it comes to choosing the right childrens beds, you can definitely go with the bunk bed models. You can get a ladder made of wood which will give the room an outdoor feature and your kids a feeling they’re climbing a tree house. Decorate the room with some swings attached on the ceiling, on which your kids can play Tarzan!


Some enthusiasts even create trees in the bedrooms for the exact outdoor look. And some go even further in placing the beds in small houses on the trees in the room, so kids have the feeling they’re literally sleeping in a tree house. And most importantly, this design allows you to create a lot of storage space in your kids bedroom, especially if you choose to turn it into a DIY project, as you can decide where to place drawers and how big will they be.


The fact that this can easily be turned into a DIY project is what’s most important about this bedroom design. You can literally let your imagination go wild here, since you’re going to be using mainly wood and wood-like materials. As for the painting part, just make sure you choose a nice theme, like a jungle, or a more simple outdoor theme and get beautiful bright colours. If you can afford it, you can even hire a professional artists to draw something on the walls. Or, if you feel like it, let your kid do the painting – but with your supervision.

All in all, to create this outdoor look-like bedroom, you’ll need a lot of wood and ropes, green and blue colours, an open imagination and a wish for building.