Best Masticating Juicer Review

I’ve been exercising for a while now, and have been eating clean for months. True, my overall blood picture has improved, I feel better, sleep better and of course, look better. The big difference is that besides eating clean, I started juicing as well. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamins and minerals, and they are a very good alternative to heavy food when you want it badly but know you shouldn’t. Plus, juices perfectly satisfy your need for calories; a glass of freshly squeezed juice contains enough calories to fill you up and diminish your need for food (of course, this depends on what the juice is made of).

In order to have the best juicing experience (and trust me when I say, it’s not as simple as it sounds), the first thing you need to do is get a good juicer. For instance, a masticating juicer is a good start. At least it was for me. To ease the entire process of going through stores, asking and reading, I’ve decided to write this short review on my first masticating juicer.


The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

This masticating juicer is not just powerful in producing juices, but it is also consumer-friendly in a way that it does not make you go through the nagging process of peeling the fruits and veggies and slicing them into little pieces so they fit in the chute. And this is all thanks to its perfect design; it has a chute that is large enough to fit apples, lemons and cucumbers without having to slice them. I don’t know about you, but for me, the worst part of juicing is the preparation process.

The motor of this juicer is very powerful. It is strong enough to cut whole pieces without bogging down. Beside the fact that the motor is powerful and the chute is large, you have to pay attention to fibrous ingredients. Fibrous ingredients have to be pre-cut because long fibers can clog the pulp ejector port.

Kuvings literally listened to customer’s needs and designed the juicer they asked for. The chute is the biggest among all juicers and the motor is one of the most powerful ones, with 240 watts of power and speed rotation of 60 rpm. This results in a juice that is very rich in nutrients and since it has no touch with air, it does not oxidize.

All in all, my Kuvings masticating juicer turned out to be the best investment I made so far. My journey of switching from ordinary to completely healthy lifestyle with a lot of regular exercise, clean diet and a lot of juicing is still on-going, and besides the good looks, I hope there will be a lot of other benefits like boosted immune system and better overall health.