Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses – Style And Quality In One

It is a fact that type, model and design of a glass can either enhance the drinking experience or spoil the taste of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other drink. Why do you think wine glasses were invented. There is a reason why ‘big bowl and long stem’ glasses are exclusively for drinking wine. The same applies to any other alcoholic or soft drink. For example, you certainly do not drink water from a coffee mug, right. So, if you are bored with the old glasses you have had for years, maybe it is time to replace them with new modern ones. And what a better excuse to upgrade your glassware with Bodum Pavina double wall glasses.

Why Bodum?


Bodum is a reputable world-known brand of the very best kitchen appliances and accessories. Thanks to the rich history of the brand which started in 1944, Bodum is today a synonym for sophistication, function, quality and affordability. This renowned kitchenware brand has continuously worked hard for decades in order to build its widely recognized reputation as original and innovative brand.

Bodum’s portfolio of products includes finest quality coffee pressers/makers, tea pots and presses, tea kettles, mixers and blenders, toasters, cutlery and glassware, among which the favorite ones are Bodum Pavina double wall glasses.

You will be spoilt for choice when selecting your Bodum Pavina double wall glasses since they are available in so many different models, forms, designs and colours. For example, the set of 2 extra large (450ml) Bodum Pavina twin wall glasses is ideal for coffee, tea and desert servings. Glasses are designed to stay cool to the touch (even for the hottest drinks) and are condensation-free (leave no messy rings on the table when used for cold drinks). This Bodum set is a must-have in every modern kitchen.

If you prefer single beverage servings, like for example, drinking your favorite flavoured tea, or maybe a delicious, homemade hot chocolate, choose the 100ml Bodum Pavina silicone band glass. The special silicone sleeve that comes in a variety of colours, protects the glass from slipping and also protects your hand from getting burned. Furthermore, it offers a wonderful feeling on touch.

Bodum Pavina double wall glasses have exceptional insulating qualities that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold much longer than traditional (typical) glasses. Hence, they make a perfect glassware solution for all true lovers of hot and cold beverages.