Boundaries Book Review

Do you think that you have full control of your life? Have you ever felt that some people are taking advantage of you? Have you ever found yourself in situation not being able to say “no” to someone? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, then you may need something that will boost your willingness to start thinking about making some changes and taking important steps towards getting full control of your life.

The book “Boundaries” can help you to understand what are boundaries and how to understand their importance. This book was written by two doctors, the psychologists Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend. What the authors wanted to achieve with this book was to make a life-changing difference with nine interactive sessions. The life changing difference in the book “Boundaries” lays in the secrets for achieving healthy relationships and fulfilled life by learning how to set and maintain limits in the most important segments of your life.

The aim of this Boundaries book review is to lead you through the essential messages of the book, and make you as potential reader interested for the secrets of setting and maintaining limits in your life.


In this book, the Christians are presented as loving and giving persons. For this reason, they often forget to set their own boundaries. The main concern here is: Can you set clear boundaries in your life and still remain a loving and generous Christian? How you can determine what are your legitimate limits? How to set boundaries without feeling guilty?

The main doubt presented in this Boundaries book review is: How can you recognize if a certain person is sincere, or the same person only wants your time, energy or money. The suggested way of finding an answer to these questions is to set boundaries for the same person. This way you can analyze the behavioral characteristics of that person.

The nine sessions in this book will teach you how to take full control of your life and how to set and maintain boundaries without feeling guilty, and with that to improve the quality of your life in many segments such as: relationships, friendships, family, workplace and faith. We hope that with this Boundaries book review we succeeded to make you interested for this Christian inspired book.