Bring the Texture, Depth, and Colour of Stone Veneer Cladding to Your Home

Though we live at a time where it’s easy to get caught up in the tech world, we still manage to maintain a certain connection with our ancestors. For instance, the growing trend of home interiors, and exteriors, inspired by the beauty of nature. One of these trends that continuously catches the eyes of many is using the charms of stones for walls.

Unlike before when it took a great deal of effort, time, and money, nowadays it’s easy to get stone walls thanks to the cladding technique based on the applying of a thin layer of natural or artificial stone veneer.


Though there’s the misconception natural stone veneers are pricier and more difficult to work with, you’d be surprised at the wide range of high quality veneers you’d come across, made of different natural stones, such as limestone, natural split, and field stone, that aren’t just affordable, but suitable for various projects as well since they had undergone processes to make them more flexible, yet still as strong.

If you still aren’t sure on whether to make the decision of incorporating stone veneer beauty in your home, just bear in mind this sort of cladding, including the natural, can be used with any clean, prepared, structurally sound, flat or curved, surface – yes, even masonry walls, cement or concrete boards, as well as any fireplace.

In this respect, you can rest assured there’s no need for you to undertake structural changes prior to the application of these stone veneers; you can hope to get the best outcome with an old, as much as with a new home. What you can expect to get by making stone part of your exterior, or interior décor equation is texture, depth, and colour, because every sheet of stone veneers is unique in its own way.

You can be as bold and creative as you let yourself be, and come up with warm, and aesthetically pleasing wall décor, be it using the help of one type of stone, or the combination of two, or more. Along with the perfect appearance, you can bet on getting walls that don’t require any particular maintenance except for removing dust, and debris periodically.

If you want to stick to a natural cleaning solution, all you need is warm water with a bit of vinegar to get a natural detergent, and use a sponge to apply and clean more thoroughly. As soon as you’re done with that, just rinse with plain water and you’re set.