Bulldozer – A Versatile Construction Equipment


The bulldozer is a versatile earth moving machinery that can be used for different tasks. This heavy-duty machine can be seen on every construction job site around the world. Its main part is the dozer-blade mounted on the front end which pushes soil forward and creates a flat and firm surface on the ground. The modern dozers, such as the Cat dozer, feature a tracked chassis, rear-mounted ripper claw and different types of dozer-blades. For military purposes, the Cat dozer can be equipped with an armor plating for better protection and more power.

The bulldozers are extremely versatile machines and their role in the construction industry is huge. On a tracked chassis and with a dozer-blade (known as a metal plate), the bulldozer can push large quantities of soil, rubble, sand and rock during the construction operation. Many contractors invest in bulldozers which are equipped with various attachments that additionally increase the productivity on rough and even muddy terrains. The tracks of the bulldozers provide an incredible stability during operations on any terrain. All Cat dozer models are known for their durability, excellent performance and stability.

Bulldozer Blades

Contractors who are looking for used Cat dozer models always inspect the tracks and the blades first. The performance of the bulldozers depends heavily on the blades, meaning that the blades are the most important part of the bulldozers. The blades should be maintained on a regular basis, but if they are used extensively, they need to be replaced on a specific period. Also, the contractors can change one blade with another for a specific application. The bulldozers can equipped with the following blades:

Universal Blade – A tall curve-shaped blade used for carrying bulky materials.

Straight Blade – This blade is shorter than the universal blade, and has no lateral curve and no wings on the sides. It is most commonly used for fine grading.

Combination Blade – This blade is a combination of a universal and a straight blade, and it is used for carrying and grading bulky materials ahead.

The Cat dozer models are some of the finest on the market. Every Cat dozer can perform a variety of tasks, including tough military tasks and applications. Despite Caterpillar, there are many other well-known dozer manufacturers in the world. With the constant advancements, the bulldozers are significantly improved with many innovative features and technologies.