Bvlgari Perfumes Fuse The Modern With The Classic

The Italian goods house Bvlgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. Few years later, his sons opened the first Bvlgari store in Via dei Condotti. Bvlgari was known not only for the magnificent jewelry, but also for its amazing handbags, watches, accessories and out-of-this-world fragrances. The first Bvlgari perfume that was introduced on the market was The Vert in 1992. Thanks to the initial success, Bvlgari created insatiable collection of perfumes for different budgets and tastes. Both men and women find the Bvlgari perfume line as irresistible. Perfect for anniversary, birthday, graduation or any other occasions. But, to make sure you pick the right one, we have listed few of the most popular Bvlgari perfumes that fuse modern and classic, providing luxury and sensuality. Check our list:


Bvlgari Jasmin Noir – If you are looking for a mysterious woody-floral perfume, then this Bvlgari perfume is the right choice. You will enjoy the amazing notes of gardenia flowers, almond, green plant juice and absolute Tonka accords. Perfect or day and night use.

Omnia Crystalline – If you want to express your beauty and femininity, then get this amazing Bvlgari perfume. The name of the perfume was inspired by the glowing clarity of the crystal light. With incredible notes of nashi, balsa wood and lotus flower, this Bvlgari perfume is ideal for every young and middle aged women.

Blv Pour Homme – Women simply love men that smell good. Bly Por Homme is one of the most popular Bvlgari perfumes for men. If you are looking for a masculine eau de toilette, then this fresh and woody-spicy fragrance should be on your shopping list. The dominant ginger notes are harmonized with velvety and tobacco blossom notes.

Bvlgari Extreme – This Bvlgari perfume was presented on the market in 1999. Since then, it is a number one choice for the male gender. The man responsible for this amazing woody fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. What makes this perfume so unique, is the amazing notes of lavender, galbanum tea, balsam fir, coriander, pepper, musk,sandalwood, iris and cedar. Perfect for day and night use.