Camping Fridge Makes Camping Easier (And More Fun Too!)

If you are a camping enthusiast, then you know how hard it is to keep all the drinks cool and the non-canned food edible after the first few days. All of this is made even harder due to the fact that the best days for camping are the summer days, when the temperature rises and the sun is always out there. Not only do you want your food and drinks to be cool because of hygiene and safety reasons, but also because nobody likes warm beer after a long hike. The simplest solution to all of these problems is a camping fridge.


By getting yourself the right type of camping fridge, you’ll ensure that you can stay on your hiking trip longer, stay stronger (with a full tummy) and bring some of your beer necessities (pun intended) along.

Depending on the size of the fridge, you’ll be able to put in food and drinks that can last you for several days, more than enough for a long camping trip. When it comes to the types of camping fridges, there are a few that can be found on almost every online website, and each type has benefits of its own.

3-way Fridge
This type of portable fridges can be operated by using three different types of power – gas, 12V power from the car cigarette lighter socket, or mains. This type of camping fridges are usually larger than the other types and have the capacity of more than 40 liters.

Electric Cooler
Electric coolers use thermoelectric technology. There are many different types available – basic models which cool down to around 18 degrees below and some go even lower. Some of these use 12V, others use mains or gas.

Compressor Fridges
These fridges can cope with some of the most extreme temperatures, and can chill drinks and food down to -18 degrees. This type of fridges are especially power-efficient and run quietly.

Picking any type of fridge will do the job, some will do it better than others if you intend to stay out in the wild for a longer time period. With such a wide array of choices online, it’s important to pick from a reputable seller and see how expensive the parts are, in case you need to replace them. Besides the fridge, you should also look for power cables, accessories, carry bags for the fridge and thermometers to test the temperatures of the fridge and its generators.