Can E Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

Over the recent years, electronic cigarettes have become a popular subject of discuss, mainly because many see them as a possible solution to quitting smoking since they are not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Usually, smokers who are unable to ditch the bad habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes with nicotine patches and gums, turn to e-cigarettes. If you too are a smoker and have had hard time parting with this harmful addiction, you should try e-cigarettes or better said e cigarette starter kits.

But do e cigarettes actually help quit smoking? For many the answer is positive. Aside from being simple and easy to use, e-cigarettes are design to help fight the physical addiction to nicotine. Of course, the moment you decide to buy an e cigarette, you will most certainly not give up regular tobacco cigarette right away. And you shouldn’t. Try to gradually minimize the number of tobacco cigarettes per day.


You may not like the change at first, but it is a step you must take in order to quit smoking permanently. Think about it as switching cigarette brands to ease the transition. By lowering the nicotine intake gradually, your chances of quitting smoking for good are greater. To make the change less painful and less stressful, purchase e cigarette starter kits witch contain liquids and cartridges and detailed info on how to start using an e-cigarette.

The strength of e-liquids vary with each manufacturer, so if you don’t like it, purchase a new one. If you like the medium strength liquid, stick to it for at least couple of months. Don’t start with the low strength liquid, because it is definitely a way you will give up on e cigarettes quickly. Gradually lowering the strength is a guaranteed way to quit smoking.

How do you know when is the perfect time to use low-strength e-liquid? You will feel it, you may even start forgetting your e cigarette at home from time to time. If you do not have nicotine cravings, switch to low strength e liquid. Low strength e liquid is a step towards being a non-smoker. The day you will finally not be addicted to nicotine is the day you can consider yourself as a non-smoker.

The most important thing when using e cigarette starter kits as a quit smoking solution is to progress slowly. Start with high strength e liquids, progress to medium, then low strength and finally to zero strength e liquids. The last step is to completely eliminate the use e cigarettes. It may be hard, but e-cigarettes will definitely help you quit smoking, slowly but surely.