Chai: Tasty Drink Packed With Benefits

If you think coffee is a very popular drink worldwide, wait until you hear about tea! As surprising as it may sound, it’s second only to water, which means it’s ahead of coffee, as well as juices, milk, sodas, and energy drinks. Judging by the annual growth of 2.8%, tea consumption globally is expected to continue growing at the same rate if not more in the future.chai teaThe situation isn’t any different in the Land Down Under where half of the population enjoys having tea, so one might as well say Australians love a cuppa. What’s not to love about it anyway? It’s a drink available in different varieties, so there’s something for everyone’s taste, plus there are health benefits that come from regularly drinking it. If tea is your cup of tea, you’re in for a treat!

The Chai Trend

Though every tea you choose has its advantages, it shouldn’t come as surprise the intensely flavoured chai tee has been the trend as of late. This kind of tea, usually prepared with both water and milk, has been around for millennia in the regions of India, Pakistan, and the The Himalayas, and is now present in coffee houses as well as people’s homes worldwide with reason.

Often, spices are included, from the highly beneficial cinnamon as the most popular signature spice, to cardamom, clove, black pepper and ginger. In fact, with a combination of these spices, you get a pretty potent mix of antioxidants which is in favour of your health and well-being in more ways than one. For instance, did you know daily tea consumption can help out with the stabilising of blood sugar? This is true especially when it’s spiced with ginger and cinnamon.masala chai teaAdditionally, clove offers anti-inflammatory gains, as it’s beneficial for oral health and it comes in handy with lessening bacteria and plaque build-up that come from oral care mistakes. Furthermore, spiced chai might be of help with reducing the risks of cancer, improving digestion, and preventing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Not to mention, it’s the kind of soothing drink that curbs stress, improves your mood and even positively affects your sex life.

Australian Quality

If you’re after the aforementioned benefits from regional chai tee look no further than Arkadia, the Australian brand with an extensive range of products that can be found at trusted retailers and coffee roasters.

Whether you’re up for their famous cinnamon-spiced variety, or would like to experiment with other flavours, such as those with pomegranate and vanilla, you’ve got the chance to indulge in tea time with your supply of chai tea products from this brand. You can be sure you get quality because their tea blends are up to 98-99% fat-free, in addition to being free of preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners, and they contain pure ingredients packed with antioxidants.

Some of their fun varieties include the sticky chai, made of leaf tea, spices and honey, a combination good for promoting gut health. This is followed by dirty chai with coffee great for relaxing the tension in the blood vessels, and golden latte with turmeric which is perfect for any time of day. As for the fans of green tea, you can taste their matcha chai.

Why Choose Matcha?

Lately, this specific tea has gained a great deal of popularity in Australia which is why I need to pay particular attention to it. It’s similar to coffee as it contains high levels of L-Theanine good for cognitive performance and mood. So, it’s a nice alternative if you’re trying to avoid caffeine.

Such an ingredient makes matcha an ideal choice as a morning drink when you’re in need of a boost in energy and alertness. Since it’s green tea, it also contains antioxidants called catechins, as in the example with EGCG which has long been known for its positive impact on weight loss and reduction of the risks of cancer. Not surprisingly, matcha is even used as a weight-loss supplement considering it helps with the improvement of stamina too without any side-effects on the heart rate.matcha chai teaAs the Arkadia matcha is made from the finest green tea, which is shade-grown, ground and formed into a powder, combined with aromatic flavours, you can be as creative as you want when you introduce it into your daily life. Besides having it as latte and tea, serving it with hot milk and water, sweetened or not, you can drink it as a cold beverage too in the form of iced chai and frappe.

Throw in some of the powder into your recipes and you’d create something healthy, tasty and new. If you’re in need of inspiration, there are many delicious matcha cake recipes you can find online, as well as other desserts you can try like matcha pie, cheesecake, custard. You can even use it for baking pastries by adding it to flour and butter. Want to have some home-made ice cream to refresh yourself? You guessed it, add matcha to it for an extra dose of tastiness and health benefits!