Chic but Authentic: 5 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewellery

When we’re talking about the most essential accessories for women, jewellery definitely holds the pedestal. Not only is a piece of pretty jewellery able to enhance your look and make you stand out from the crowd, but it can also help you create different impressions – depending on the outfit you wear and the occasion you attend.

But when it comes to choosing pieces of jewellery for yourself, the range of choices on the market is truly wide. From the cheaper fashion jewelry to the original pieces that can cost you an entire fortune. At this point, have in mind that a lot of people tend to buy handmade artisanal jewellery, and that’s for some very good reasons.

It’s Made with a Lot of Love

Whether you’re looking for a piece of earrings to spice up your outfit or want to get something meaningful for yourself, you won’t go wrong if you pick gorgeous handmade jewellery. This type of jewellery is usually designed by skilled artisans and designers that get inspired by life events, their environment, worldwide places such as oceans and islands and many other elements.

handmade pearly earrings with flowers and leaves

Hence, by buying a gorgeous piece of artisan jewellery, you aren’t only buying something that is made with a lot of attention and love, but you’re also getting something you’ll be able to pass down to the next generations to create a beautiful story and heritage.

It’s Made of High-Quality Materials

Unlike the huge commercial facilities producing fashion jewellery for mass sale, artisan stores always handpick the right materials so they can ensure that they’re of the highest quality. In fact, artisans typically work with small orders, which makes them capable of producing high-quality jewellery that maintains high standard levels. Hence, a piece of gorgeous bespoke jewellery won’t only serve its purpose exceptionally and last for years without any visible damages, but it also won’t cause allergic reactions due to some hidden hard metals.

high quality handmade jewellery

This is not the case with large companies targeting the masses, as they typically produce jewellery for temporary fashion trends. Since these pieces are meant to be worn only a couple of times, know that manufacturers are most likely going to hide hard metals that are going to rust, corrode and even break after a while, so they can cut production costs and imply new fashion trends.

It’s Unique

One of the greatest reasons why people tend to purchase artisan jewellery is that not a piece you’ll come across is identical to others. In fact, when artists make a piece of earrings or a necklace, they tend to give them a unique trait or variation that will make the specific piece stand out from the rest. Besides being authentic, handcrafting pieces of jewellery is very time-consuming. Unlike the commercial manufacturers producing fashion jewellery for the wide mass, artisans use simple tools and their imagination to deliver a unique piece that is recognized for its quality.

unique handmade necklace with green stones

It Adds Value to Your Collection

Since handmade jewellery requires a great time commitment, materials of exceptional quality and a lot of human labour, know that they’re considered very valuable. So, if you want to wear timeless accessories, you won’t go wrong by picking an artisan piece of jewellery. If you’re having doubts about the value of these jewellery pieces, think of them as original paintings by a world-famous artist. Regardless of how much time it passes, the piece of art keeps its value due to its high quality and authenticity.

artisan pieces of jewellery

And since these pieces last through all the fashion cycles and add an exceptional value to your jewellery collection, handcrafted pieces can also be passed to many of the upcoming generations and become a family heritage. On top of that, you’ll never have to worry about your piece of craft jewellery losing a bit of its value, as their timeless appearance and designs will keep you assured that they won’t lose from their quality at all.

Finally, artisan jewellery makes for a great gift idea, especially when you want to show some appreciation, love and attention and gift something memorable with a never-fading value.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Last, but not least, you probably know about the huge impact and the vast harmful effects mass production has on our natural environment and resources. Not only these manufacturers aren’t using sustainable materials and products, but they’re also dumping harmful chemicals into landfills, which damages the flora and fauna.

Besides generating a lot of waste and creating large amounts of pollution, mass production is responsible for wasting enormous amounts of energy, and exploiting many of the world’s poorest workers.

This is not the case with artisan workshops, as the methods artisans use for crafting jewellery doesn’t only use significantly less energy, but also requires fewer resources and doesn’t pollute the environment. So, if you’re among the greatest eco-activists, or you just want to be friendly for our environment, handmade ethical jewellery might be the perfect replacement for the mass-produced fake jewellery.

Now that you found out about the most significant benefits of handcrafted jewellery, don’t hesitate to hit your closest artisan store or shop for artisan pieces of jewellery online.