Choosing the Right Gift: The Language and Symbolism of Different Flowers

Flowers have been utilised as a language between people all around the world time and time again. Flower and plant symbolism can be found anywhere, from the mythologies, and plays of ancient cultures, to folklore, sonnets, and even movies today. And for good reason!

Not surprisingly, they’re the perfect gifts to this day, and with the help of timely flower delivery you can surprise that person in your life you hold near and dear on the right occasion. Whether it’s for your dear mother on Mother’s Day, a special someone on their birthday, your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, or just because to someone you care about, you can choose flowers as the perfect means to express your emotions without even uttering a word.

different types and colors of flowers in the nature
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Pink Roses

These delicate blooms symbolise grace, happiness, and gentleness. Pink roses are a thoughtful gift to give to someone in your life who represents these qualities.


White Roses

Do you know anyone who wants to make a change in their life? White roses symbolise a new beginning. They also represent purity and innocence, which makes them a popular choice for weddings, celebrating a new baby, and other meaningful or romantic events.

white roses bouquet

Red Roses

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but red roses are among the most romantic flowers available. These are the ideal relationship anniversary bloom, representing love and desire.

red roses bouquet

Coral Roses

Make certain that you give a suitable rose to the relevant person. Coral roses, as opposed to red roses, represent friendship, modesty, and sympathy. A gift you can give to a colleague or a new boss. This is a perfect rose to give someone you are excited to get to know, or would like to spend time with on a professional level.

for different photos of coral roses bouquet


Because of the myth of Clytie and Apollo, sunflowers represent loyalty and adoration. Sunflowers are well-known for being happy flowers and the perfect bloom for a summer flower delivery to brighten someone’s mood because of their association with the sun!

Little adorable kid boy holding bouquet of sunflowers in summer day. Child giving flowers


A bouquet of lavender is a message of devotion, from its wonderful scent to its beautiful purple hue. It also has calming aromatherapy properties, so a bouquet of lavender could be an excellent gift for a student or anyone else in your life who needs to unwind.

a bunch of lavender in the nature


This bloom honours the Greek sun god Apollo (also known for archery, truth and prophecy). They represent games, sports, and play. You can give this flower to someone who enjoys sports to cheer them on for an upcoming game or to congratulate them on their success.

bunch of different color of Hyacinth in flower pot


These blooms represent integrity, strength, and victory (also known as one of the August birth flowers). Give this “gladiator flower” to a recent graduate or game-winner.

Gladiolus mix bouquet


Lily bouquets are among the brightest available, and they also have a bright symbolism. Keep in mind that different colours of lilies represent different things. White ones represent purity, pink ones represent prosperity, red ones represent passion, orange ones represent pride, and yellow ones represent gratitude.

Asiatic Lily Mixture

Calla Lily

Do you think someone is beautiful on the inside and out? To symbolise your attraction, give them a bouquet of calla lilies. Some people are unaware that the true flower is the spike on the inside, while the outer petal is a leaf.

white Calla Lily in flower pot


Freesias are well-known for their citrous fragrance and long vase life. Giving someone a bouquet of freesias may represent friendship, as well as innocence, purity, and trust.

Double Freesia Mixture


Delphiniums, the official July birth flower, are given to express encouragement and joy. Different colours represent different emotions, with blue delphiniums representing dignity and white, pink, and light blue blooms representing youth and renewal.

delphiniums bouquets in different colors


Do you have a crush on someone but they aren’t aware of it? Gardenias symbolise hidden love or a way of saying “you’re lovely.” Gifting them is a sweet and romantic addition to your flower shop purchase and gifts for Valentine’s Day, and it’s a great way to show someone how much you care.

bride with gardenia bouquet

Pink Azalea

These eye-catching blossoms represent family and familial duty, in addition to wealth.

bunch of pink azalea


Alyssums are known to mean “worth beyond beauty” in Victorian flower jargon. Many people wear them to ward off negative emotions such as anger.

for different picture and colors of Alyssum flower


Bluebells are bell-shaped flowers that represent kindness. They’re also an excellent way to express your appreciation for someone’s friendship, love, and support.

bluebells in nature


Add these florals to your bouquet to show a loved one how much you admire and respect their strength, determination, and endurance.

bluestar in nature

Blanket Flower

These rich-coloured blooms, also known as Gaillardia, represent joy and modesty, making them ideal for the charming figure in your life.

bunch of Blanket Flowers

Scotch Brooms

Because these brilliant flowers were known for regulating the heart and circulatory system, they were associated with strength and abundance.

bunch of Scotch Brooms


Give these to a family member or friend as a gift for their anniversary or to say “thank you.” They represent gratitude, individuality, and, at times, concern.

bunch of Begonias


These flowers emerge from the mud. They return to the mud each night, only to miraculously re-bloom in the morning. They represent rebirth, self-regeneration, purity, and enlightenment in many Eastern cultures. It’s a thoughtful gift for someone going through a difficult time, such as a health crisis.

bunch of lotus


Marigolds are a thoughtful gift for someone who is stricken by grief or mourning.

marigold bouquet in hand


Tansy is a common addition to bouquets, but they can also be a declaration of war. On other occasions, they can represent protection and good health (as their name comes from the Greek word for immortality).

tansy bouquet in form of heart in woman's hand