Wake Up the Adventurer in You and Come Scuba Diving in Australia


Besides the diverse landscape, the kangaroos, the beautiful beaches and the aboriginal culture, Australia is also known for its passionate scuba divers and stunning underwater views. When it comes to visiting the ocean’s underwater world, Australia definitely has the golden medal. Completely surrounded by water and rich in islands and reefs, our country has over 4000 species of fish and the world’s greatest diversity of sea grass, which makes it a quite desirable scuba diving destination. From the tip of the east coast where you can visit the Great Barrier Reef, all the way to the Western Australia, the diving choices are immense. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest spots for diving in Australia.


Great Barrier Reef

It’s a World Heritage-listed masterpiece so big that it can be seen from space. It’s almost 2000 kilometers stretched along the Queensland coast, from Cape York to Bundaberg. It’s an enormous ancient home of many species that date back to twenty million years. The Great Barrier Reef will show you a whole new perspective of the underwater colorful world and it will make you feel like you’re in a cartoon. No wonder why many people call it “Australia’s great natural wonder”.


East Coast Dive Trail

You can’t go diving in Australia without visiting this coast. The temperate waters of Tasmania provide a much greater visibility than the tropical waters and offer a diverse and rich range of flora and fauna. The cute seahorses and the curious sea dragons attract divers from all around the world into the turquoise waters of the East Coast Dive Trail. It is among the top five spectacular diving spots on Tasmania’s east coast and provides a coral adventure that will take your breath away.


Ningaloo Reef

Located in Western Australia, this is the world’s largest fringing reef and it supports more than 200 species of fish and corals. You can swim with majestic manta rays, colorful corals and big turtles accompanied by experienced tour guides, but the most exciting thing about the Ningaloo Reef is seeing the whale sharks of Coral Bay – the biggest fish in this part of the sea. The vast amount of marine life that you can find there will make you want to come back again and dive into the clear blue waters of this reef.


Fish Rock Cave

Located on the New South Wales coast, the Fish Rock Cave is a must-visit! It’s a home to a few critically endangered species and offers spectacularly beautiful dark sites. Since we’re talking about a cave, don’t forget to bring a powerful torch light that will help you see in the darkness. The Fish Rock Cave is adventurous and mysterious, especially because it’s the home of the gray nurse shark. Watching these intimidating but at the same time beautiful creatures swim gracefully in their natural environment is a real privilege and makes for an outstanding diving experience.