Common Car Safety Mistakes To Avoid


Knowing the most common driving mistakes and regular inspection checks at reputable auto repair Melbourne shops will help you prevent more expensive repairs. Regardless of the driving experience you have, driving should always considered seriously in order to avoid serious injuries or accidents that might cost you your life. Therefore, if you feel tired, or not able to concentrate on the road for whatever reason, have someone else drive your car or use public transportation. Things that might seem insignificant, are usually number one culprit for serious car accidents. Have your car checked in an auto repair Melbourne shop every time before going on a longer trip, and pay close attention to the most frequent mistakes drivers make on the road.

Driving Too Fast – No matter of the driving experience you have, speeding is always an important matter to have in mind when driving. Lot of experienced drivers get carried away and fail to stop the car in time. If you drive too fast, you have less time to react and are more likely to cause a crash. Thus, never drive your car aggressively. Excuses such as ‘I’m late to work’, or ‘I’m having a bad day’, won’t make the damage less severe. Not only that you put yourself at risk, but also all other participants on the road.

Slamming On The Brakes – Another common mistake that drivers make is slamming on the brakes. When panicked, you instantly slam on the brakes in order to bring a car to a full stop faster. However, you are doing the opposite. By slamming on the brakes you reduce the tire traction, and are more likely to lose control over your vehicle. Also, this way your brakes wear faster. Therefore, if you like to speed, it is recommended to have your brakes inspected more often in a reputable auto repair Melbourne shop.

Driving Too Close – Great number of car accidents happen because of tailing. Always leave enough space between you and the car in front, so you can have clear vision of what happens on the road. Many cars end up in auto repair Melbourne shops, because drivers fail to keep a proper distance between cars.

Get Distracted – When going on a trip, make sure you prepare yourself ahead of time. Driving with a map in your hand will keep you distracted. Instead of keeping your eyes on the road, you will focus on the destination. Plan the exits before you go on a trip, or pull over to check the right direction. For safe driving, keep your hands off the phone, and seat belt any animal you might have with you.

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