Common Compaction Equipment Used In The Construction Industry – Part 1

The process of soil compaction is essential for every type of construction project. The construction of foundations, buildings, parking lots, pavements requires properly compacted soil. The outcome of the compaction process is a flat and smooth base which is crucial for the construction process as it gives soil desired characteristics like greater resistance and increased stability. In order to achieve this, construction engineers use special kind of compaction equipment.


Many different types and models are available for achieving effective soil compaction. The compaction equipment is most commonly used for compressing the soil. Usually four types of soil categories can be identified: cohesive, semi cohesive, granular and organic. Depending on the type of the soil, different compaction equipment needs to be used. The compaction equipment varies depending on the construction project. The following text presents a short list of the most common compaction equipment that is used in the construction industry.


wacker-rammer-for-saleRammers are great compaction tools, especially for compacting cohesive soils. This type of compaction equipment has the ability to provide around 700 blows per minute. The rammer is also known by the name wacker rammer, or jumping jack tamper. Usually the rammer is operated by a single construction worker who controls and manages where the rammer will go. This jumping jack tamper machine normally moves forward and it is highly recommended and used by skilled utility contractors or landscapers because of its ability to work efficiently in narrow and confined areas. You can check online for available jumping jack tamper for sale in Australia and additional specifications.

Vibratory Plates

Vibratory plate compactors are excellent machines for compacting areas covered with layers of asphalt. These compaction machines are capable of providing around 4000-5000 vibrations per minute depending on the model. The vibratory plate compactors vibrate and compact the soil beneath them by moving forward. Some models that are used for asphalt compaction are equipped with additional water tanks to prevent the asphalt from sticking to the plate. The vibratory plate shows great results when it is used over granular type of soil. The reversible plate compactor is another useful machine that is widely used at every construction site. These machines are much heavier when compared with the single direction plate compactors. They are designed to provide greater vibrations over the ground, and therefore they are more powerful. The ability to move in reverse and the highest productivity and performance levels, make the reversible plate compactors very useful and versatile machines. They are also very efficient because they can move easily through edges and corners.



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