Common Compaction Equipment Used In The Construction Industry – Part 2

Walk Behind Roller

This compaction machine is ideal for asphalt and soil compaction. The walk behind roller can be either single drum or twin drum roller compactor. The main difference between the soil and asphalt roller compactor is that the roller which is used for asphalt compaction needs water to prevent the asphalt from sticking to the roller. The walk behind rollers are powered either by gas or diesel engines, and they are operated manually with a handle. The handle controls the roller and determines the direction where the roller will go. This compaction equipment shows great results thanks to its weight.

Ride On Roller

The ride on rollers can be used for compacting large areas, asphalt compaction and other types of earth moving projects. Different models can be found on the market depending on their weight, which usually varies from 10 to 25 tons. The ride on rollers are equipped with large metal drums. These double drum roller compactors are ideal for asphalt and soil compaction works and provide excellent compaction results.

Pad Foot Rollers


The pad foot rollers are another compaction machines used in various construction projects and tasks. They are very suitable for compaction of cohesive and semi cohesive soil. The pad foot rollers are excellent for rocky soils. These machines reduce air entrapment and crush large and heavy rocks into the soil. The compaction process with such equipment involves applying thin layer of soil with appropriate moisture and then driving the pad foot roller over the soil several times until the required compaction level is achieved.

Multi Tyre Roller


Multi tyre rollers are generally used to dye, knead and when a flat and denser soil base needs to be created. The tires of the roller create horizontal and vertical pressure over the soil creating flat and smooth soil structure. Different models can be found depending on the number of the tires. Lately, the multi tyre rollers have been used over asphalt surfaces for sealing and closing the fractures which are created by other heavy construction machines. Their weight can vary from 10 to 25 tons. One big advantage of the multi tyre rollers is that in some models the pressure of the tires can be decreased for achieving different compaction results.


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