Compact Excavators Maximize Productivity In Tight Areas

The compact excavator are heavy-duty machines which are used for digging operations in tight areas. Whether you need a basic compact excavator or one equipped with the latest excavator attachments, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of powerful excavator models.

The maximum weight of the compact excavators is 8 tons, but in the recent years, new excavator models with increased weight have been introduced on the market. Today, the compact excavators and the excavator attachments are capable to do everything what the large machines can, and they are doing it easier, safer, more efficient and faster. As a result, the number of annual sales of compact excavators has significantly increased to around 10,000 new units per year. The main reasons for the increased popularity is the higher productivity in confined areas and the lower fuel consumption.


The compact excavators show that the larger equipment is not always better. Years ago, the efficiency was a big difference, but as the digging and loading performance of the compact excavators has been significantly increased, they are equal with the big machines in many terms. The excavator attachments are an important factor, since they increase the versatility and the flexibility of the compact excavators. There are many different excavator attachments on the market, coming in various widths, sizes, shapes and other specifications. Some are mechanic, while others are hydraulically powered.

The wide range of excavator attachments includes hydraulic breakers for demolition of concrete and asphalt, plate compactors for compacting surfaces, and excavator augers for drilling holes for fence posts. The hydraulic thumb is a perfect attachment for confined areas, as it allows you to grasp tree stumps, rocks and similar oddly-shaped objects. Another great excavator attachment for tight areas would be the grapple. This attachment allows you to easily handle brush and all types of bulk materials. There is also a compact bucket which is ideal for digging and loading applications in confined areas.

The newest excavator attachments come with many innovative features which increase the productivity of the compact excavators. The most common feature is the quick-changing system, which allows you to quickly replace one attachment with another one, without removing the pins. Another popular feature is the auxiliary hydraulic system with variable flow, which allows you to change the rate of the hydraulic flow.

The compact excavators are easy to operate in tight areas, can be used with different excavator attachments, and guarantee increased productivity. In short, the compact excavators are the most efficient machines you can find on the market.