A Cozy Corner in the Urban Jungle: The Features of Industrial Interior Design

The most authentic and characteristic things about the industrial style are the exposed ceiling beams, exposed pipes, grey and earthy coloured furniture and accent pieces. This type of style draws inspiration mainly from factories and warehouses, so when possible, homeowners also like to implement the factory-like black framed high ceiling windows.

industrial designer living room

Worn hues, metal, wood, brick and leather are the elements that make this style one-of-a-kind. Rusted, corrugated and galvanized metal accents are essential pieces of any industrial home, as well as the wooden elements. The warm wood balances the coolness of the metal which is represented mainly in furniture pieces like TV stands, shelves, coffee tables, side tables, etc. Some other characteristic things about this style are the walls. Industrial interiors are all about incorporating bare not painted walls like brick, concrete and stained walls.

As mentioned above, industrial homes are all about showing off everything. The idea of having an industrial home is not hiding anything. Since the living room is the heart of the home, the place where hosts gather with friends and families, designing it the right way is a must. What I mean by this is that one should show off his/her personal style and taste while still sticking to the industrial designer living room furniture idea. Generally speaking, industrial living rooms are dark and dreamy at the same, time which is something that can be achieved with darker room accents in a combination with lighter floors and furniture sofas. The beauty of metal shelves is that they can also be used as a room divider in case the living room is too big and needs to be divided from the kitchen, for example. They can also be placed against the walls and paired perfectly with a completely wooden or a metal/wood combo coffee table.

Eccentric artwork, interesting lighting fixtures and some other accents like copper souvenirs can add the finishing touch to the whole industrial looking living room of any space. Of course, there are lots of other different ideas about the industrial living room in order to meet different tastes. For example, some industrial living rooms can also corporate hues of red, blue and purple only if combined the right way.

Although considered a part of the contemporary and modern style, rattan hanging bowl/egg chairs can also find a place in an industrial-inspired home. By adding a luxurious, yet relaxed tone a room, this type of designer living room furniture piece can make quite of a difference. Regarding colour, interior designers recommend sticking to black or natural wood colour in order to match it seamlessly to the otherwise cold industrial space.