Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with LED Strip Lights

Don’t you kind of miss your Christmas lights’ gentle, romantic glow? It’s a shame that our homes only get to glitter a few weeks out of the whole year. Fortunately, LED strip lights are always available for those of us who want to make our homes feel extra special all year long.

These lights are thin and flexible, which enables them to fit in spaces where conventional lighting can’t. Additionally, the LED strip lights for sale come in a wide range of striking colours, just like Christmas lights, that you may utilse to add some drama to your current décor.

There are many fantastic ideas for using these lights creatively in each room of your home. But first, let’s learn what exactly they are.

What Are LED Strips and How to Choose?

picture of purple LED strip lights beside a vase and two glasses

LED strips are the most recent type of lighting. Although there are many variations and exceptions, they typically exhibit the following traits:

  • made up of an array of individual LED emitters set on a flexible, slender circuit board;
  • use low-voltage DC power to operate;
  • come in a range of colours and brightness levels;
  • available in a long reel (up to 5 metres) and can be cut as needed and installed with double-sided adhesive.

There are several things to consider when shopping for LED strip lights. First, choose your preferred brightness after deciding if you want RGB strips for colour, RGBW lights for both colour and clean white light, or plain white LEDs. Pro tip: RGB lights can only create white if all three hues are set to their highest intensity. It’s not quite the same, despite being a near approximation.

Then, consider how you want your lighting to appear. The colours may vary by section or they may need to be adjusted to the same colour throughout the entire strip, depending on the features of the reel you’re purchasing. Like Christmas lights, some you can program to move while others stay still.

Creative Ways to Decorate With LED Strips

Add Accent to Living Room Elements

picture of a living room with led strip lights
source: Ashleigh Parkers on Pinterest

You may use LED strip lights to emphasize various objects and architectural characteristics in your living room because they are flexible and can be cut to any desired length. For instance, you may put LED strip lighting behind the TV stand or some wall shelves. This is a quick and simple method to give your living area a unique ornamental accent.

LED strip lighting on the back of your television screen can also reduce eye fatigue while improving the clarity of the visuals. By adding a strip of LED lights to the top, bottom, and sides of the screen, you can easily create this luminous effect.

Additionally, if the walls or ceiling of your living room include crown moulding, you can add ambient lighting by hiding LED strip lights inside of it. This contributes to the creation of a diffused look that makes the space feel opulent while also being easy on the eyes.

Showcase Your Kitchen Cabinets

Strip lights are great to fit beneath your kitchen cabinets. By illuminating your cupboards, you can give your kitchen a sleek decorative touch.

Additionally, these lights make for the best task lighting when you need visibility to cook food on the counter. Another reason strip lights are great for the kitchen is that they can endure the high levels of dampness in addition to being fashionable and fitting in the tiny space under the cupboards.

Light Up the Bathroom

picture of a bathroom with LED strip lighing

Bathrooms are another excellent location for LED strip lighting, especially around the vanity and mirror. A mirror surrounded by strip lights can be quite useful in addition to giving the impression of a pricey hotel bathroom. Similar to a professional beauty salon mirror, the added lighting gives you better visibility during grooming routines like applying makeup.

Cosy Illumination for the Bedroom

Due to their gentle, cosy glow, LED light strips are very popular as extra illumination in bedrooms. The space underneath the bed is ideal for this. You can ensure that your personal retreat is tastefully on-point but never too bright to disrupt your sleep by accentuating your bedroom with these lights. Just make sure to choose amber shades or other warm tones for a cosy atmosphere.

Additionally, you can employ strip lights practically by lining the interior of your closets with them. By doing this, whenever you need to get something from the closet, you won’t have to turn on the light and wake up your companion.

Give Your Shelves a Unique Touch

picture of shelves with LED strip lightning
source: Cristina on Pinterest

You may highlight figurine collections, book collections, and other trinkets that give your house character by lighting the underside of your shelves. Like wall-mounted cabinets, shelves could potentially cast a shadow over your normal desk or alcove workspace. For this reason, you should illuminate them. The same is true for kitchens that lack cabinets and have open shelves instead.