Crochet Hooks and Accessories: While Away the Hours With Yarn

There is nothing better than concentrating on a crochet pattern you love while sitting in a comfortable armchair with a cup of chai by your side to take your mind off your cares. So, if you are feeling stressful, pick up your hooks and crochet.

But before you get crochet hooks and accessories, there is a number of other things you should know including how to select the right yarn, how to determine crochet hook sizes and how to read crochet patterns. Once you learn the basics of crochet hooks, you’ll be ready to put your skills to the test.

Here is a crochet hook size conversion table, which will help you with your new crochet project.

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When it comes to how many crochet hook sizes are there, stores that sell crochet hooks and accessories offer models that range from 2 mm to 16 mm. The sizes of crochet hooks vary based on the brand, material, and country that the hook was produced in. You can locate the crochet needle size directly on the crochet hook. There will be either a number or a letter, sometimes both.

Crochet hooks made in the USA use lettering systems for their sizes. The letters represent crochet hook sizes from the smallest to largest (B is usually the smallest and Q is the largest). As the letter gets further into the alphabet, the hooks get larger. As you can see in the chart, the hook size will vary from country to country, so it’s important to know the conversions. The crochet hooks available in Australia generally use millimetre systems for their size.

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Wondering how to determine crochet hook size for yarn? A general rule of thumb to use here is that the yarn and hook should somewhat correspond with each other. For example, if you plan on using smaller yarn, use a smaller hook. In the same way, if you plan on using bulky yarn, go for a larger hook. Steel hooks, also called three hooks, should only be used for fine lace thread. They are available in numbered sizes that get larger as the number gets smaller.

Understanding the Types of Crochet Hooks

Choosing the best crochet hook will depend on what you are crocheting and your personal preferences.

Steel Hooks

These are the smallest hooks and are usually reserved for fine thread crocheting, such as doilies.

Aluminium Hooks

These are the most popular hooks. They are available in a wide range of sizes and are a common choice for beginners as the yarn glides smoothly.

Plastic Hooks

Plastic knitting hooks are available in all sizes, even jumbo sizes and are very affordable.

Bamboo Hooks

These are lightweight and warm in the hand. They are also available in all sizes except the smallest and jumbo sizes.

Wood Hooks

Besides bamboo, other woods are also used to make crochet hooks. You can find wood hooks in a standard shape as well as made with curves to be more ergonomic. Sometimes the wood is even coloured to make the hook even more distinctive.

Tunisian Crochet Hooks
Tunisian Hooks

Also called cro hooks, these models are longer than regular hooks. Like knitting needles, they allow you to keep your stitches on the hook as you work. Tunisian hooks are also known as afghan crochet.

Ergonomic Hooks

These knitting hooks are designed to reduce the strain in your hands as you crochet. They usually have larger soft handles.

Knook Hooks

A long crochet hook that has a hole running through one end. With this hook, you thread a piece of yarn through the hole in the nook needle, which allows you to create stitches that look like knitting.

Using Hook Size to Find Crochet Patterns

F Hook Crochet Patterns
F Hook Crochet Patterns

F is one of the smallest hook sizes. “Smallest” means that you can get higher and more stitches in a chain. In the conversion chart above, F is the 3.75 mm hook. These crochet patterns can be used to make anything from shawls to cozy crochet.

G Hook Crochet Patterns

Wondering what is the most popular crochet hook size? The G hook is one of the most popular crochet hook sizes for many patterns. On the conversion chart, G is the 4.25 mm hook. You can find crochet patterns that make everything from sweaters and cardigans to baby blankets and hats.

H Hook Crochet Patterns

The H hook is found in the middle in the spectrum of crochet hook sizes. Like G, it’s also common to find crochet patterns that use this size of hook. On the conversion chart, H is the 5.00mm hook. From crochet washcloths to afghans to applique, you can find a range of crochet patterns for this hook.